“The Ending Has Conviction” Is What James Spader Thinks About ‘Blacklist’ Finale  


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July 14, 2023

James Spader

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    The ‘Blacklist’ final episode aired on 13th July 2023, a series which has run for ten years, comes to an end this Thursday with actor James Spader and cast and crew saying farewell. “I was very, very glad we were able to end it exactly the way we wanted to end it. It was deliberate, and we weren’t taken by surprise in terms of when the ending was going to come,” says Spader in an interview with Associated Press. He also gives his thoughts about the finale by saying, “You’ll see that the ending has conviction, and we commit to it.”

    ‘The Blacklist’ pilot episode came out on 23rd September 2013; it revolves around Raymond Reddington (James Spader), a fugitive who surrenders himself to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under mysterious circumstances and wants to help them catch dangerous criminals on the condition that we will work with only a specific profiler who is new in the agency called Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boon).

    Spader reveals how the series was filmed mostly in the city of New York, but the final season goes international by ending in Spain with international characters. “I really felt like this was complete and I loved how it really completed a circle, in a way,” says Spader. “It wasn’t just an unbroken line from point A to point Z, but it was a circle of sorts.”

    He mentions his reason for choosing this project based on its storyline, which would sustain the interest and curiosity of the series viewers and his too, and people won’t lose interest after 0ne or two seasons, which helped him create the “limitless landscape” of the character and his development through the seasons.

    The character of Reddington with Spader’s charm created a hit series for network Tv where the character is bad but is loved by all as Spader says, “He’s a scary monster and people like him.”

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