Spotify Launches Advertising Marketplace, Ad-Supported Podcast Product  


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December 1, 2023

Spotify Launches Advertising Marketplace, Ad-Supported Podcast Product

Swedish audio streaming service Spotify has recently launched the Spotify Audience Network across India. This feature allows podcast creators to monetize their services via advertising.

This music service company plans to onboard several categories of advertisers. This shares revenue with podcast makers to increase the content quality. If you’re a paid subscriber of Spotify, you can also listen to these advertisements.

The head member of ad sales expressed his opinion by stating, “Podcast listener ship is growing very quickly in India as well as globally. India is one of the largest markets in the world for us, in terms of podcast listener ship. This new product will allow brands to advertise within the podcast format across different distribution channels and reach a highly engaged audience while allowing podcasters to scale up.”

The first publisher in India will purchase the Network Spotify to monetize content across the advertisers, including Ideabrew Studios and Audio Pitara. This ad service of Spotify has also been launched in several countries, such as Brazil, Mexico, Japan, etc.

One of the most streamed music in the Podcast is Shrimad Bhagwat Gita on Spotify in India in 2023. This ad-marketplace is also applicable for Spotify pie.

Here Is What The Spotify Network For An Audience Means For Publishers And Advertisers Such As:   

  • The Spotify audience network is pivotal in terms of growing the strategy. Here are the meanings of Spotify’s audience network for advertisers and publishers.
  • Suppose an advertiser in India can reach podcasts by scaling across the Spotify audience Network.
  • The audio-first advertising marketplace can connect advertisers with listeners based on audience targeting tools, especially when listening to their favorite podcasts from a leading third-party podcast.
  • Advertisers across any country or India can target podcast listeners on and off Spotify. The Spot, if audience-based network to monetize monetization of is.

Many podcast publishers are opting into the Spotify network of audiences.

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