What Is The Subscription Plans For Youtube TV Per Month


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November 20, 2023

Subscription Plans For Youtube TV Per Month

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    Recently, one of the most popular streaming services globally offers on-demand content, TV channels, and many others. Especially for cord-cutters, streaming online content on YouTube is one of the most traditional options. YouTube has an easy-to-use interface where a wide range of channels are streaming. This has gained significant popularity over the past few years.

    Recently, YouTube came up with subscription offers where you have to pay $6.99 monthly. If you take this subscription plan, you will get access to over 85 live TV channels. This has to include major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and many others.

    It is important to note that additional subscription fees are included per your location. These fees will be added to your monthly bill, which will vary. YouTube offers a flexible subscription model that allows users to cancel their subscriptions anytime without any long-term cancellation or commitment fees.

    Even if you want, you can manage the subscription plans after navigating to settings through the YouTube TV account. Recently, you can share YouTube TV with up to six household members. Every member will have personalized recommendations, and you can even access their DVD recordings. However, you can simultaneously stream on your own devices, which would be limited as this depends on your location. On every occasion, YouTube offers a free trial for new subscribers. These mainly last up to one week, allowing users to explore the service.

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