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February 9, 2024

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real estate drone photography

Recently, real estate professionals have had access to high-quality cameras. With the help of high-quality cameras, real estate professionals can easily take a snap of a few shots of their property, and they call it a day. In just one word, real estate drone photography is one of the most popular and famous professions in the world.

By incorporating real estate drone photography, any business owner must be able to deliver to their customers beyond exceptionals. That is why, as a real estate drone photographer, you should specialize and increase the experience required to capture several aerial images.

Furthermore, this type of commercial photography can quickly help your customers with more businesses, which also commands higher rates. On the other hand, this is all about captivating your audience and enhancing sales.

Let’s Talk About What Are The Benefits Of Real Estate Drone Photography

Let's Talk About What Are The Benefits Of Real Estate Drone Photography

Real estate photographers have a lot of benefits in several methods. By implementing drones into their photography toolkit, you must know some critical advantages of discussing the benefits of drone real estate photography.

1) Expanded Services

If you want to establish your real estate drone photographer career, you can easily sustain many clients. Furthermore, it allows photographers to click into enhancing demand for aerial imagery in the real estate business industry.

2) Unique Perspectives

Another benefit of real estate drone photography is that it allows photographers to capture eye-catching visuals. They can even showcase properties in the best way. Aside from that t, the dramatic perspectives of real estate drone photography help photographers stand out among others and can leave lasting impressions.

3) Enhanced Visual Appeal

Real Estate Drone photography is all about aerial photography. Moreover, this adds a sense of grandeur and enhances the levels of real estate photos. Apart from that, with the help of real estate drone photography, anyone can make this more visually appealing.

In this case, a real estate drone photographer can easily capture a wide-angle view and showcase their entire property. Conversely, real estate drone photography can emphasize its layout and features, ultimately attracting potential customers.

4) Highlighting property features

With the help of real estate drones, photographers can capture close-up shots of several unique features. Sometimes, this might be challenging to showcase from the ground.

It includes several things, such as architectural details, landscaping, outdoor amenities, and so many others. By highlighting these distinctive types, photographers can help clients market and promote their properties effectively.

5) Competitive Advantage

Real Estate drone photographers offer drone photography to gain the industry’s competitive edge. With the help of real estate drone photography, you can easily capture high-quality aerial videos and images, setting your work apart from traditional real estate images. In this way, you can make listings to attract customers, which helps build a stronger professional reputation.

6) Creative Storytelling

Real Estate Drone enables photographers’ ideas to create immersive and creative property videos. This happened by combining aerial footage with several ground-level shots. Moreover, real estate drone photography, which is closer to editorial photography, allows for the creation of flawless storytelling of a property’s unique features.

This creative visual will evoke emotions and help create a better connection with many viewers. Even this will increase the chances of a successful business sale.

7) Increased Demand

Real Estate Drone Photography is quite similar to Aerial photography. Recently, several customers specifically requested aerial shots to beautifully see the property’s size, location, and surrounding environment. Furthermore, aerial photographers can easily leverage their added experience level to expand their client base.

8) Professional Development

By implementing drones in real estate photography, you can easily enhance the required new skills and remain updated with regulations. By embracing the technology, photographers can expand their expertise and remain at the forefront of multiple industry trends. Even this continuously improves their crafts.

What Are The Tips To Take Excellent Real Estate Drone Images?

What Are The Tips To Take Excellent Real Estate Drone Images?

While it is about profitable real estate drone photography, it is all about maintaining the techniques before and after the shoot. Below, I will discuss tips for taking excellent real estate drone photography.

1) Stage the House Beforehand

You should improve the appearance of the property before you take photos. In this case, you can do this with a handheld camera. This means you can do all these with more preparation, especially for a drone shoot.

Moreover, this is about more than just cleaning up the yard or staging any lawn furniture. But this is all about ensuring the law manicure and landscaping are on point. In this case, you must think from both a human and a bird’s eye view.

2) Plan for Weather and Light

Ensure you always have kept a “weather eye” on the forecast. Precipitation and wind are deficient from both a photographer’s and pilot’s perspectives. But the degree of cloud cover and the time of day will also make a massive difference in lightning.

This way, you can correct your issues with shadow and light in a post. But it is easier to process photos when you don’t have to do this. Aside from that, you can only partially eliminate these types of problems.

Mostly cloudy days will give you even lighter and less harsh shadows. You are not trying to get so much sky, especially in the background.  

3) Plan For Traffic

One of the charms of drone photography is that it can capture the bigger picture. You just tried to reduce the clutter on the property, and you will consider the traffic patterns across the property.  

In this case, you must consider several activities that will likely affect your drone shots. These include vehicular traffic, people waiting at bus stands, and boating. This can only happen in case you are near the water. 

This means you must confine the times of week or day so there will be fewer distractions. These are like what you are trying to feature.  

4) Pick Settings For Success

Firstly, ensure you have used autofocus. Especially for real estate drone photography, the autofocus feature will always get this right, and there is one less thing you would worry about on-site.

Secondly, you always prefer to shoot in the RAW file format, which you can’t save in several other formats such as jpeg or something like that. Even this gives you so much room to correct and enhance things in post. In particular, light, shadow, and color are also required.  

Lastly, ensure you have set the same to an aspect ratio of 3:2 or 4:3. This will help you get photos at maximum resolution. It means that a more excellent resolution means the user can view your pictures at larger dimensions while you are maintaining the quality. It gives you greater freedom to crop the shot if required further.  

5) Know the Property & Pick a Focus

Especially for every property, there would be one or even two areas worth spotlighting in a drone shot. These are a pool, balcony, gazebo, and so many others. On the other side, you also have to consider the angles and the architecture so that you can easily make a plan, especially for drawing the eyes of a viewer to that particular area.  

6) Shoot For Variety

With an enhanced experience, you probably could build up a sample of “sure winner” inclinations and several other approaches. But once you begin, ensure you have tried several heights and angles.  

If you shoot too high, it often seems to be a rookie mistake. Just because you can do that doesn’t mean you should do it. Did you know the meaning of real estate property? Working as a real estate business owner means working in a commercial property management domain.  

A real estate drone photographer often gets some of their best-evaluated shots of around 20 feet. This is high enough to offer several perspectives.  

But low enough for a good view of the landscaping, architecture, and several other features. On the other hand, real estate drone photography is critical on a large property or for a closed house to attract amenities.  

7) Pack Your Supplies

Before pursuing real estate, drone photography ensures you have everything you require. These are such as:  

  • Bring the extra drone and remote batteries. Ensure they are charged fully.  
  • Did you know RAW files are enormous? In this case, you must only make RAW files once you understand what you want.  
  • Pack the neutral density filters in case you require them.  
  • You should bring lens wipes, which you might need to fix your equipment.  

8) Take Several Shots

To find the one good shot, you must take several shots. It is sometimes hard to tell about the photo quality on-site where you would have a small screen and other distractions. Several problems are unsightly, especially on a high resolution.  

But this is invisible in the domain. In this case, you might be slightly out of focus or have the motion blur from the gust of wind. Aside from that, you can put your drone in burst mode to ensure you get at least one or two perfect shots. But it is also easier enough to make this a habit.  

9) Enhance Photos In Post

Do you have an idea what photo processing is all about? Well, this makes the difference between professional-looking shots and amateur shots. Recently, Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom have been the most popular applications for processing.  

Furthermore, Adobe offers a subscription bundled together. These are mainly designed for enhancement or photo correction instead of photo manipulation. Therefore, it better suits your purpose for real estate drone photography.  

The Top Qualities of Affordable Drones For Real Estate Business

The Top Qualities of Affordable Drones For Real Estate Business

If it is opting for a real estate drone, then it ensures stability, and this will also protect your precious equipment. Below, I will discuss the top qualities of affordable drones for real estate business.  

1) DJI Mini 2

DJI Mini 2

Another one of the most compact and lightweight drones is the DJI Mini 2. This offers impressive and high-quality video with a 12-megapixel capable camera. This drone camera helps you to shoot 4K video resolution. After all this provides a steady flight performance and a budget-friendly price tag.  

2) Holy Stone HS72OE

Did you know one of the most affordable drones with a 4K resolution camera? Yes! Holy Stone HS720E. This offers an extensive range of intelligent flight modes. This even further provides a stable flight performance, a longer flight time, and a GPS positioning.  

3) Potensic D85

Another top-quality and affordable drone camera that you can use for real estate shoots is the Potensic D85. It is a feature-packed drone equipped with a 2K camera. This drone has several features, such as GPS positioning, intelligent flight modes, and follow-me mode for effortless and precise control.  

4) Parrot Anafi

Parrot Anafi

Have you heard about the portable drone? Parrot Anafi is one of the best portable drones with a 4K HDR camera. This offers an excellent image quality. This portable drone has a foldable design and a large set of advanced camera features.  

How To Begin Drone Photography?

How To Begin Drone Photography?

If you are interested or genuinely passionate about real estate drone photography, then there are some ways you should follow. Below, I will discuss the steps to help you get started in drone photography.  

1) Choose The suitable Drone

Recently, there have been several types of drones across the market. Every set of drones has its capabilities and features. That is why it is essential to choose the right drone, one that would be suitable, especially for real estate photography, and one that also fits your budget.

2) Learn about the rules and regulations

There are multiple regulations and rules that a drone pilot must follow while you will be flying drones, especially for real estate photography. That is why you must familiarize yourself with drone photography rules and regulations. After all, this will ensure that you can fly drones more safely and legally. You also have to know about drone real estate photography prices.

3) Register Your Drone

All drones weighing around .55 pounds must be registered under the FAA. To register your drone, you must visit the FAA’s website and follow the registration procedure.  

4) Practice Flying Your Drone

Before beginning this drone photography real estate business, practicing flying more safely and efficiently is essential. This will also help you to control the environment. It will also help you to get comfortable with your drone.  

5) Start Taking Videos And Photos

Once you become comfortable with your drone, it is time to take videos and photos of real estate properties. Ensure you have followed the 11 rules and any other rules that apply to your location.  

In Conclusion

I have discussed everything about real estate drone photography above in this article. After all, this is an amazing asset that will help realtors and picture-takers to exhibit properties in a new manner.  

You can capture stunning images by understanding drone flight time and practicing drone photography and regulations. Furthermore, this will also help you impress potential buyers and get sold out faster.  

I hope you liked this article!

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