A Beginner’s Guide Into Editorial Photography In 5 Steps!


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February 8, 2024

editorial photography

Recently, editorial photography has been one of the most famous niches across the photography industry. This is one of the photography types we users are familiar with. Editorial photography has been rooted in fashion and journalism.  

Now, where do you usually see editorial photography? When you look at any publication or magazine. Above all, the images are alongside the text, considered editorial photographs.  

After a long research, I have come up with the best knowledge and tools you require to become an editorial photographer. The editorial photographer’s job roles are similar to that of a commercial photographer but in an entirely different manner.  

What Is Editorial Photography?

What Is Editorial Photography?

Editorial photography is all about several images appearing alongside the text in online publications or print. Below, I am going to discuss what editorial photography is all about.

Editorial photographers create editorial-style images to help a story or even support the narrative in the text. This happens with a focus on creating a specific mood or tone for any content. These images sometimes appear in magazines and newspapers by adding visual elements to the story.

You might shoot in several styles and settings as an editorial photographer. This happens from food to participation to several events to fashion. For example, an editor might contact to support or advertise a profile of a new restaurant. In this case, you can create editorial images highlighting the restaurant’s interior, food, and ambiance.

On the other hand, if this editorial photoshoot concerns the outdoor festival, you must take images of the venue, the attendees, and the performers for such editorial use.

Aside from that, if you are finding the difference between editorial photography and photojournalism, it could be more apparent. Editorial photographers created editorial photos to support a story or text instead of as a type of journalisms.

Any editorial photographer can creatively compose an editorial image rather than just regular or real estate drone photography. Most newspapers and magazines have strict rules around framing and post-processing photojournalism images, which often don’t have to apply in newspapers, most magazines, and so on. 

Here Are The Ways To Become An Editorial Photography

Here Are The Ways To Become An Editorial Photography

Editorial photography is not just about capturing photos. But an editorial photographer must create stories so you can document travel, party, or others. Below, I will discuss how to become an editorial photographer.  

1) Pursue Relevant Education

If you want to begin your editorial photography career, you can develop your necessary skill sets more straightforwardly. You can pursue a bachelor’s degree in fine arts or photography from a four-year institution. Furthermore, you can also seek additional and specialized training in master’s degree programs, especially in photography.  

Several publications might not require any degree to hold an editorial photographer position. No matter if you want to pursue your career in editorial fashion photography or other, there are some editorial programs you have to pursue.  

2) Create A Portfolio

Across every step of your career, ensure you are considering sharpening your vision. In this case, you must bolster the editorial portfolio. It can be beneficial to learn several styles and even types of photography by pursuing an editorial role. Sometimes, this would depend on your preferred skill sets, preferences, or position availability. 

In this case, consider taking as many opportunities as possible to capture several subjects. Therefore, you must determine your preferences and gather enough work portfolio to enhance your career.  

In just one word, creating an attractive CV will consider saving your work in such a professional and easily readable document. This will also show the range and your point of view to every potential employer.  

3) Gain Experience

Aside from just creating a portfolio, you must also improve your skill of seeking relevant experience, i.e., editorial photography. In this case, enhancing expertise is one of the primary and significant ways to become an editorial photographer.  

Therefore, you can start an internship program or establish your assistance as an editorial photographer with a newspaper or any other publication.  

These experiences will help you increase your advanced skills, and you can quickly determine several additional areas to improve. It would help if you considered relationships with co-workers and mentors to learn more about the experiences and paths to success.  

4) Enhance Your Skills-Sets

Another way you can become an editorial photographer is by enhancing your skill sets. After all, ensure you have bolstered your credentials as an editorial photographer.  

Therefore, it will help you develop advanced skill sets that will help you enhance your photography work. Suppose you want to build your skills in the writing domain, then you would read more blogs, analyze more articles, and so on.  

The same for editorial photography, where you must develop your advanced skill set by seeking out multiple educational courses. Furthermore, you can take on assignments that sometimes need some new competencies. Here, you must enroll in continuing education courses or even several certification programs that can cover many new technologies.  

5) Submit Your Work

Once you are confident with your skills and portfolio, ensure you can submit your work confidently. On the other side, you can pursue several freelance opportunities with several publications as you look to begin your career. Also, this will help develop a strong relationship with a large set of publications, which would be beneficial. 

If you are supposed to complete assignments or projects, consider doing some of the best work. Here, you must be punctual to submit assignments on time. It might demonstrate what will help you to be a successful employee.  

As you research for a large set of opportunities, you must consider doing your best work. This way, you might get several new possibilities or opportunities to work in a unique position.  

In Conclusion

I have discussed what is editorial photography and how one could be an editorial photographer above in this article. Meanwhile, photography means everything or anything to every person. This photography aims to fix and continuously pursue the evolution of photography.

Moreover, if you are interested in learning photography, you should not buy a new camera; your smartphone might be enough.  

I hope you liked this article!  

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