Internet is an essential service today and there are no two thoughts about it. This is an unsaid fact and many of us are quite aware of this technological revolution that started a couple of decades ago.

Those who were doubtful about the internet’s role in our world saw the live demonstration of it during the pandemic. As in times of the pandemic, the internet was the sole technology that held the infrastructure of the world together and protected it from crumbling altogether.

That’s because it was only the internet that allowed people to continue both economic and educational activities, and this wasn’t all because entertainment activities were also shifted on the internet in a time when cinemas were closed and people were struggling to pay their heavy cable TV bills.

So all in all it was the internet that became the major source of economic, business, educational, communication, and entertainment activities. Basically, everything that was happening had some form of the internet in it.

This made scores of people join the virtual way of life and as of today, the internet is being used by 54% of the world’s population, which is a very big number.

Everything that we do, all our interactions, transactions, and actions in general are related to the internet in some way. Since the internet has taken such a pivotal role in our life we must put careful consideration regarding the service provider through which we are going to get such an important service.  

Since the increase in the usage of the internet, there have been a lot of entrants that are looking to try their luck in this business. However, the unfortunate state of the matter is that most of these stakeholders have little to no interest in providing good quality of service to users rather they are just in the game to make a quick buck or two.

This is why it is recommended to go with reputed internet service providers that have a proven track record of exceptional quality of service.

Talking about such providers one of which comes to mind is Cox Communications. Cox is the third largest cable company in the country and has one of the best customer service channels as compared to many other big brands in the internet industry.

Customer service is often an aspect that is ignored while selecting the service, however, it should be one of the major considering factors, especially in a service industry like the internet which is riddled with technical and managerial hurdles.

Due to sensitive tasks being performed on the internet users need to go with providers that have an agile customer support system that can assist customers whenever they are stuck in something.

Again we’ll talk about Cox since Cox’s customer service not only handles their customer’s technical queries quite well but Cox bill pay system is also streamlined with auto pay options, so customers don’t have any problems like waiting in queues or calling customer service to pay their bills every month.


Ways To Reach Out To Your Internet Service Provider

The internet has become quite a sensitive technology in recent times

Since we are emphasizing customer service let’s take a look at the means that many big providers like Cox offer their users to quickly reach out to them in case of any query or concern.

These agile contact methods provide an additional sense of ease to customers creating a sense of brand loyalty in them when they know that their service provider is there no matter the time whenever and wherever they’re stuck with something.

1. Calling

This is the go-to means to contact the customer service of your internet provider. That’s because telephones have been around for quite a while now, way before the internet. So calling to contact your company or service provider is a business practice that is in place for ages, internet providers mainly adopted this trend due to its sheer popularity.

An advantage of calling is that it is the most convenient way to contact and something that even elderly customers can do. Plus, it always gives a sense of comfort to talk to a human being on the other side of the phone, a convenience you don’t have in other means of communication.

Plus, users can better guide the representative regarding the issue that they’re facing and similarly get better assistance from them.

 But this way of communication has its fair share of downsides as well where the biggest one is the queue and wait times in which customers have to wait in order to get in touch with a representative. This becomes increasingly difficult in times like today where nobody is that available that they can remain on call for hours just to get a simple issue fixed.

2. Live Chat

This is the modern answer to longer wait times, as of now many internet service providers offer customers to contact their customer service teams through live chat options.

Made for millennials, live chat options allow modern users to immediately get in touch with a customer service representative to resolve any issues that they are facing with their services.

This is a quick method and comes in handy especially in scenarios when immediate assistance is required, something which is essentially important in the case of the internet. Since the internet is such an essential service today, a disconnection lasting only a few minutes can have significant consequences.

This is why a live chat option is a handy tool to quickly get technical assistance and answer to most common technical issues with or without the involvement of a customer care representative.

3. Email and SMS

This is also a way to reach out to your company’s customer service department but it is often used in scenarios where the issue isn’t of sensitive nature because this type of correspondence is slow and takes time to get a reply from the other end.

This method is used by customers for mostly formal conversations and for issues like account problems or billing concerns. Nonetheless, this is a handy way to get your word across to your company’s customer service team in a formal and documented way. 


The internet has become quite a sensitive technology in recent times, which is why it is necessary to go with service providers who have a multi-level customer support system that can assist users in case of any problems, and that too quickly and efficiently. That’s because a disconnection can prove to be fatal in this virtual world of today.


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