Google Calendar 404 Error: What Is It? How To Fix It?

Google Calendar 404 Error

If I didn’t have the Google calendar, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now. Google calendar helps me to tune up all my schedules, meetings and organize everything that is going on. To be frank, Google Calendar is the compass that guides me through the day.

Being a human, I understand my limitations. So, I do not try to store all the information inside my head. Instead, I update everything on the Google Calendar. By doing so, effectively helps me know what I need to do throughout the day.

That being said, I cannot say that Google Calendar is perfect. This is because of the Google Calendar 404 Error. I know some of you reading this article might hear this error for the first time and panic.

However, you do not have to worry. It is a widespread error with easy solutions.


What Is Google Calendar 404 Error?

What Is Google Calendar 404 Error?

Before you understand what Google Calendar 404 Error is, you first need to understand what 404 errors are all about. A 404 error is an URL that returns the page telling the user – Page Doesn’t exist.

In some cases, it might be the pages that offer very little to no content. When this very error affects the Google calendar, we call it the Google Calendar 404 Error.

When you use Google calendar API and connect it with the web or mobile application, it creates new ways for the users to engage with you. With the API, you can access and view public calendar events. And if you have the right authorization, you can even modify private calendars.

Furthermore, you can achieve deeper integration with the Google calendar. This will allow you to sync, create and display the calendar data.

Common Google Calendar 404 Error

Common Google Calendar 404 Error

Since errors are a common occurrence while using Google calendar, it is important to understand the types of errors.

The Google Calendar API returns two types of information.

  • HTTP error code.
  • A JSON object in the response body with additional details.

Now that I know the type of error that you might experience while using Google Calendar, here are some of the errors that are quite common while using Google Calendar.

  • 400: When there are bad URL requests.
  • 401: Invalid credentials.
  • 403: Limit exceeded.
  • 403: Non-organizer is restricted.
  • 403: User rate limit exceeded.
  • 404: Page not found.
  • 409: The requested identifier already exceeded.
  • 412: precondition failed.

Causes Of Google Calendar 404 Error

Causes Of Google Calendar 404 Error

There are times when you enter Google calendar to see the reserved things for the day; you might find it hard to access the Google calendar data. When that happens, a 404 error message pops up.

Google Calendar 404 Error means the calendar has returned back to you because the resources are not found.

Google Calendar Error 404 can happen in different situations.

  • It might occur while executing a request.
  • Accessing the calendar.
  • Updating the events.

Of course, the 404 error can also happen when the global server or service outages.

How To Fix Google Calendar 404 Error?

How To Fix Google Calendar 404 Error?

The best minds at Google are trying to come up with a solution to the Google Calendar 404 Error. A fix might come anytime soon.

Does that mean we have to put up with the error till a solution is given to us? NO!

There are temporary procedures that might help you solve the problem. Before we can get into the temporary fixes, let us clarify that, like any other unofficial fixes, this fix might or might not work out the way you want it.

  • Fix1: The desired Google calendar needs to be in public, as it has been that private calendars are more prone to this kind of error.
  • Fix2: Employ the use of exponential backoff. It simply means that you retry any failed request. The more you retry, the wider bandwidth usage becomes.
  • Fix3: If the Google calendar error 404 happens while updating any events, it is possible to miss a proper XML namespace declaration. Ensuring the proper XML namespace declaration might solve the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Is Google Calendar Error 404?

Google Calendar 404 Error means the calendar has returned back to you because the resources are not found.

It might occur:

  • while executing a request.
  • Accessing the calendar.
  • Updating the events.

Q2. How Do I Fix Google Calendar Error 404?

Sometimes, a weak internet connection also results in Google Calendar 404 Error. So, when you encounter this error, make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection.

Q3. How Do I Test A 404 Error?

The best practice to run the test is with selected participants. However, while you are testing for the errors, keep the following points in mind.

  • Give your participants the contents before sending them to the Error page.
  • Ask participants what they expect from the links.

Q4. What Is The Best Solution For Google Calendar 404 Error?

Exponential Backoff.

It means to keep retrying and refreshing the page. It will allow the user to expand the bandwidth usage.

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