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February 23, 2022


We are in the midst of the technological era. Everything that we do relies on platforms that have been designed to do all types of business and financial transactions. The internet is vital to everything that we do, and everything that we want to do. It is imperative that we can get that service throughout our houses. In every part of our houses, including the back bedroom and the home office that has been built into the basement.

There are a few things that we can do to ensure that this happens. First off, though, you should evaluate your internet connection to see where you are at.

Type in” free internet speed test” and make sure you have the plan that you need. Use these charts to match your needs to what you have. If you are good to go it is time to maximize your internet.

1. Hard Wire:

There is no doubt that the absolute greatest way to get the best internet service everywhere that you need is to hardwire your system. You will need to run ethernet cables along the walls and roof, or if you want them hidden, you will need to run them through the walls.

Either way, once these wires are in place hook them to your computers and laptops and you will have great internet service in every area of your home.

2. Wi-Fi Router Placement:


If you still want to go with wi-fi internet you will need a superior quality router. When you set it in your home you will need to make sure that it is placed in a central location. You do not want to place it by the kitchen, especially next to any microwave because it will interfere with the wi-fi signals.

It needs to be away from mirrors, solid walls, or any stone walls. The higher up it is placed the better it will transmit signals without common objects blocking it, such as a dog or a couch.

The antennas need to be pointed straight up into the air, all of them. The last step would be to make sure that the router is up to date, and that it is no more than four years old. If it is, you can bet that the router is past its life and will need to be replaced.

3. NBN Internet Plan:

You checked your speed in the step above so you should know what you have, and what you need. If your current plan is not up to snuff, go to an iSelect NBN plans platform and choose one that is high enough for your needs. If you want to make sure you always have enough internet speed and bandwidth it would be best to go one step above what you need, at the least.

4. Wireless Signal Extenders:

Wireless Signal Extenders

You can always use extenders if you are still dealing with dead spots. These are devices that you plug in around the house, such as close to a corner or stairway. They will pick up your wi-fi signal from the router and then sent it back out into all other directions.

You can place these throughout the house to ensure that every area is covered. This can even be used to strategically place them to allow you to have a good connection on the patio, or in the garage.

5. Mesh Wi-Fi System:

This is a system that is designed to have small routers placed in random spots around the house. They cover the entire house, and can even reach outside to a garage, shed, or backyard. It basically causes a web to go over the top of your home, allowing you to have a great internet connection anywhere. To every nook and cranny.

There are many distinct brands of these on the market, but your best course would be to buy one by a well-known company, such as Google or Amazon, which can easily be hooked up and controlled through applications that can be downloaded onto any mobile device.

These are the basic ways in which to get internet service in every corner of your home. If you are just building you should go with the mesh system, which can be hooked into the other components of your smart home.

Even if you are not planning to install smart capabilities yet, you will soon because it will be the norm in the near future.

If all else fails, you can always hire a professional that hooks up good systems all the time. If you are struggling to get service everywhere, even after following these guidelines, it may be your only recourse.

There are so many different options available in the technologically advanced world that there is simply no reason for you to struggle to get a good internet connection when you want it, and where you need it.

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