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November 25, 2022

Legal Industry

There have been big changes in recent years in terms of how business is done in the office, at home, and around the globe. Nowhere is this more evident than in the legal sphere, and the legal industry is slowly changing.

This is because the nature of the legal sphere might otherwise lend itself to not be changed by radical differences in the world around it. Documents all need to be signed, witnesses present, and all other things that might make a business feel like it’s being slowed down.

Now, however, big changes are coming to the Legal field. Much of this stems from the changes of a post-Covid world. In the post-Covid era, more and more people are working remotely and on the go. This means that new and innovative technology will change the landscape of the legal industry.

1. Scan On The Go –

One of the best things to become more commonplace in the legal industry is the ability to scan while not at the office. Now you can use your phones and create mobile scans. This means you can take a picture of a document and convert it into a PDF.


2. Speed Up And Refine Your Search With Auto-Classification

If you have many documents to go through, one of the better tools for the legal industry that you can have at your disposal is the auto-classification tool. This tool is used to help classify PDFs and store them so that you will have easy access to them later.


3. Password-Protect PDF Documents –

For lawyers and people who work with important and private documents, it is important to be able to secure and protect your PDFs. One way to do this is with a PDF encryption tool. This will password-protect your documents and keep them safe.

 Password-Protect PDF Documents

4. Redact Confidential Information –

Another critical part of controlling the security and privacy of the information of the legal industry is the ability to redact information. Lawyers need to be able to protect their clients’ secrets and information. This is why having a mobile redact tool as part of your PDF editor is significant and needed.

 Redact Confidential Information

5. Search Photos By Text –

There has been a large increase in the use of OCR tools that scan images for texts and makes them editable. In addition to this, with a mobile PDF editor, you can automatically scan documents for text and then search for which document contains which text.

Search Photos

6. Upload To Cloud Storage –

While we used to have all of our legal industry files in a big metal cabinet, that time has gone by. Now the best way to store information and files is by automatically uploading them to the cloud. With modern mobile PDF editors, this can be automated, and your important files will automatically be sent to your or your law firm’s online cloud storage.

Cloud Storage

7. Export To Different Formats –

When working in a law firm, you will not just work with PDFs but a lot of different types of documents. This is why it is important to be able to export them to different formats that you might need. Which formats are available will vary depending on which service you use.

Different Formats

8. Convert To Excel –

While people often think of legal documents in terms of contracts but there are other things involved, such as ledgers and other things you might need in Excel rather than a PDF. This is why being able to convert a PDF into an Excel file even when you are not in your legal industry office.

Convert To Excel

9. Reorder Pages In A PDF –

Part of managing documents and legal agreements is managing what goes where. There will be times while on the go that you will need to compile a document, merge PDFs, or rearrange files to put them in better order. This will also help other people who have to work with the document as well in the legal industry.


10. Add Pages To A PDF –

Aside from just managing the order of files and pages, there are also occasions when outside the office, you or someone else will need to add new information and new pages to the file. You can do this with an online PDF editor such as Lumin PDF.

Add Pages To A PDF

11. Bulk Delete Documents –

Conversely, there will also be documents that need to be removed from PDFs. This can be done easily, but not only that, you can remove multiple pages at once. When you are managing your PDFs, depending on which editor you are using, you will get the option to select more than one page and then remove them.

Bulk Delete Documents

12. Annotate Important Information In Documents –

For lawyers who are working remotely or from their mobile devices, this is a critical tool. By using the annotate tool, you can add information and context for other people who are working with the documents of the legal industry. These notes can be invaluable in potential legal proceedings with people’s lives at stake.

Annotate Important

13. Set The Appropriate Size Of Documents Using Augmented Reality –

For many legal proceedings and court documents, there will be certain requirements in terms of what size and format are allowed. This is why being able to set the appropriate size is so important. The legal industry has gotten even more interesting now, with augmented reality helping people do this while mobile.

Augmented Reality

14. Recognize Documents In Different Languages –

Since the world is so globalized now, and this is especially true for international legal firms, it is important to be able to work in different languages. Many of the good PDF editors available now have the ability to scan and read a document and determine what language it is in. This will help in the sorting process.

 Recognize Documents

15. Scan Books –

Lawyers often rely on case law and law books to help them understand information and what is called for in different situations. Since lawyers do not always have access to these books, they can use a mobile scan tool to scan the book as a PDF to be used later for the legal industry.

Scan Books

Wrapping It Up:

Hope you are already getting the ideas of how the legal industry is changing. Are you a part of the legal industry? Then share your opinion and experiences through the comment sections and let us know about your opinion.


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