Positive Discrimination – Overview, Explained, Pros And Cons


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February 19, 2021

Positive Discrimination

Do you want to develop a perfect work culture in your office or the workplace? If yes, then you must consider making the positive discrimination from your end. It will help you improve the performance of the employees in the best possible manner.    

You must understand that negative discrimination in the workplace can prove harmful to the employees’ lives’ growth pattern. You cannot make a mess in this regard. In a usual sense, positive discrimination means favoring someone in the workplace depending on some protected characteristics. 

What Is Positive Discrimination?

What Is Positive Discrimination? 

Positive discrimination means you are favoring someone in the workplace depending on specific protected characteristics. It can take many forms as follows. 

  • We are hiring a person with a disability to fulfill the quota system. 
  • Promoting a specific number of people as they are sharing the protected characteristics. 

The preservation of the rights based on the quota system sometimes provides the society the required benefits they want. You need to set your priorities before you make your positive discrimination with someone. It must benefit the community at large. 

Pros Of Positive Discrimination 

There are several advantages of positive discrimination that you must consider from your end. You cannot make your decision without considering several vital matters that will help your brand to grow. 

1. It Helps In Climbing The Socioeconomic Ladder

It Helps In Climbing The Socioeconomic Ladder

The socio-economic status of a person is divided into three categories like high, medium, and low. It is determined depending on income, occupational status, and education. 

When you make the positive discrimination by providing the minorities the opportunity to work with equal status, it increases their chances of climbing up the socio-economic ladder.   

It provides equal opportunities to the less privileged people of the society in all fields, including education, jobs, and other factors. 

2. It Can Boost The Education Of Disadvantaged Students 

It can help you to boost the education facility of disadvantaged students. Disadvantaged families cannot afford to send their students for higher education due to poverty and less money. 

In such a scenario, the positive discrimination application can prove to be very handy to tackle such situations with ease. Students with a high level of talent can get the opportunity to complete their studies. 

You need to understand that if you want to develop the students’ lifestyle, one of them’s best options. 

3. Promoting The Education And Work From Communal Level 

Promoting The Education And Work From Communal Level 

Protecting the rights of women is one of the essential aspects of positive discrimination. It can help your business to grow in the best possible manner. You must develop the right strategy to promote the people in your organization to create the right ways. 

You need to understand that you cannot ignore the importance of positive discrimination if you want to develop your organization. These types of productive discrimination can help your organization to grow faster.   

4. Widening The Opportunity For Backward Classes 

When you do the positive discrimination, then it widens the opportunity for society at large. You need to understand that if you want to develop the backward classes’ economic and social conditions, reservation of the rights is essential. 

Equal opportunity is significant for the development of society. It will help you to develop the economic condition of the backward classes of the community. You must consider the long-term impact of positive discrimination to ensure a better lifestyle for many people.    

Cons Of  The Positive Discrimination 

Along with the pros, there are many cons of having the positive discrimination that many of us are not well aware of. Therefore, let’s go through some of the vital points to make sure that you understand the impact in a better manner.   

1. Reverse Discrimination 

Demeaning The Achievements

Sometimes, when you discriminate among a particular group of people to provide them the opportunity, it leads to reverse discrimination. Reverse discrimination is quite harmful to society as it results in a lack of opportunity for most people. 

This principle applies across various contexts, including workplace environments. For instance, if an employer unfairly treats pregnant employees or denies them certain accommodations, it can lead to pregnancy discrimination.

In such cases, seeking the assistance of a pregnancy discrimination lawyer is crucial. They specialize in handling cases related to pregnancy discrimination and can provide expert legal guidance to those facing such challenges. 

It can also result in mass movement and protests in the long run. You need to make things simpler for the other people who are following your path. Positive discriminations have the reverse effect if it is not monitored carefully.     

2. Lack Of Meritocracy 

When you do positive discrimination for uplifting the minor classes of society, it leads to the lack of meritocracy as the talented group of people of the majority group do not get the fair opportunity due to high interest in the seat reservation. 

You must try to develop a strategy to stop the chances of spreading the adversity. The meritocracy of the students may get compromised due to the adverse effect of the positive discrimination. 

You need to think proactively in this regard while you offer the job opportunity or the higher education opportunity to develop your working environment

3. Demeaning The Achievements 

Sometimes the positive discrimination can demean the achievements of individuals. It can result in degrading the talent habits of the quality person in society. Sometimes reservation and the quota system rob the rights of the talented individual in the community. 

If you want to frame the policy of positive discrimination, you must be careful not to snatch the talented individual’s right in society. There must be a perfect balance between the estimated and the critical needs of the individual in society.   

Proper evaluation of talent is required to uplift society’s current status in a better way. You need to think in that fashion also.    


We all are well aware of the current impact of positive discrimination. It has both a positive and a negative effect on society at large, and you must not forget the rights of the community’s talented individual. The more you can think positively, the better you can deliver for society at large. 

Proper framing of the rules and regulations is essential while mapping the positive discrimination impact from your end. You cannot afford to make a rash decision in this regard. Try to minimize the adverse effect of the positive discrimination from your end as much as possible. True talent must be recognized.

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