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April 24, 2021

Senior Living Community

Thousands of Americans live in senior communities around the country. Not all communities are equal, however. Here are some things a good community has. Make sure you check up on these factors during a visit.



Nobody wants to feel isolated during their golden years. Being part of a healthy community is important no matter what your age might be. For this reason, you should try and ascertain how active the social life of residents in your potential new community is. Feel free to ask residents on your visit.

You might want to try and find a senior living community that like-minded people inhabit. For this reason, many seniors of faith choose to move into communities organized around religious grounds. Likewise, some communities specialize in housing veterans and union members. Having some common ground with your fellow residents is conducive to having a fulfilling time as you age.


Make sure to choose a senior living community that is very well staffed. The ratio of staff to resident should be very even. No matter how talented and caring a member of staff is, their care and support will suffer if they are overworked. If there are very few staff members present on your visit to a potential new home you should treat this as a major red flag.

A well-organized and genuinely caring retirement community will have lots of staff on hand proactively aiding residents as they go about their independent lives.

Technology and Amenities:

Access to technology, entertainment, and catering are all very important things to consider when looking for a senior living situation that suits you. Not all senior living communities offer the same amount of comfort, safety, and luxury.

When considering a senior living community and apartment homes, the Bel Air assisted living community Brightview suggests you answer the following questions:

Is the layout designed to provide a safe living environment?

Do the kitchen and community provide the amenities you will need?

And, what kind of technology is offered, like wifi to connect to the internet?

Many senior living communities have started to offer help with video conferencing to residents. Using video conferencing tools on tablets or laptops, residents can speak to friends and family members remotely. This has proven to be especially important during the COVID 19 pandemic when visitors have been severely restricted for the safety of residents and visitors alike. Make sure that your future home provides help with accessing technology.


Location is very important indeed. Many people choose to find accommodation that is close to family and friends in their senior years. This means that arranging visits will be far simpler.

It also means that families are able to safely take their relatives home with them on special occasions such as religious holidays or birthdays. Alternatively, you might want to find yourself a secluded spot to decant and relax during your retirement. Many senior living communities are located near beaches and areas of natural beauty.

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