7 Ideal Careers For People Who Want To Help Others


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February 6, 2021


If you want a job that directly helps others, there are many options available. Recent events have shown us the requirement of individuals with these characteristics. However, there is a wide range of jobs available for people who want to care directly for others and also careers for anyone looking to contribute to the wider society.

Take a look at some of the career choices you could follow below:

1. Teaching and general educational roles

Teaching is often said to be a vocation rather than just a job. This is because many teachers take pride and responsibility in the way they influence others throughout school life. Becoming a teacher is the most prominent way to help children and adults achieve their educational goals. There are also specialist teaching roles such as special needs education and young offenders institutions. Teachers require a degree education, and in the USA, individuals require a license to teach in specific states. Other educational roles that are also rewarding include childcare careers, playwork, youth work, and higher education roles.

2. Nursing

Nurses play a vital role in the community. The recent pandemic has shown us the need for this critical position on a local and national scale. Nurses work in a wide range of medical establishments, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, universities, and private practices. Some also work in the armed forces. You can specialize in different areas such as neonatal, pediatrics, and surgical roles, and the scope of work is varied and rewarding. Nurses require a degree to work and practice, and university education is typically required. However, you can also look at accelerated nursing programs to get into this career.

3. Medicine

Alongside nursing careers, jobs in medicine are also a great option. The leading career choice is a doctor, and you can specialize in a wide selection of areas in this field. Studying to become a doctor is extensive and requires passion and determination alongside aptitude and caring nature. Doctors work in a range of establishments, including hospitals and private clinics. However, some go on to work in laboratories and research careers and help carry out work to progress medical breakthroughs.

4. Public services

Public service careers are incredibly varied and rewarding. There are lots of opportunities in public service departments, including the police, fire service, armed forces, local and national government, plus many more. You may not always know the people you’re helping; nonetheless, you are contributing an excellent service and aid to those in need. Some jobs in this sector require a degree, while others do not. There is also scope to progress far within the public sector. Many people enjoy a long and exciting career for years to come.

5. Charity careers

Not all charity jobs are voluntary. Many of the prominent roles in this sector require knowledgeable and experienced people to help promote charity work and run everything from fundraising to volunteers. Positions in the charity sector are varied, and you can choose a wide range of causes to get involved with. This job is also great for anyone that wants to see their hard work positively impact the people you’re helping.

6. Environmental careers

Careers in this sector are relatively new, but they are vitally important for the work that needs to be done to reduce the human impact on the planet. Jobs are varied in this industry and include everything from environmental science roles, sustainability consultants, and renewable energy specialists. To get a job in this area, a degree is typically needed, and some require a master’s education in environmental sciences. As the sector progresses, it will open up more opportunities for anyone looking to pursue a career in helping minimize negative impacts on the planet and society.

7. Social work

There are many people across the country that requires additional help in aspects of their life. As a social worker, you will support these individuals in a range. There are many different types of roles, including mental health support, disability social worker, family care work, and youth work, to consider. These positions may also involve working with government and educational bodies to support the individual or family to improve quality of life.

There are many careers for people who want to help others. These are just a few of the typical examples, and each offers a rewarding and varied path. If you’re looking for a vocation rather than just a job, this journey is the perfect option for you.

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