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December 22, 2023

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It is common to see an artist who made her career on social media suddenly leave the scene. In this case, Pink Pantheress prioritizes her mental health over popularity and fame.

Therefore, she demonstrates the value of using social media platforms for career advancement. Usually, PinkPantheress’ origins start with her getting a big break on TikTok by using 21st century’s music samples. However, this is far from the story’s conclusion.

PinkPanthress is the latest example of a creative connection with the audience based on TikTok. At the time she was a 20-year-old student creating multiple songs during her online Zoom live classes. She is finding success here in New Zealand with her latest creative song, “Pain,” on Spotify’s Top 200. Let’s discuss Pink Pantheress and how she has built her career.

Pink Pantheress Biography

Pink Pantheress Biography
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Pink Pantheress is one of the most recent artists whose stage identities vary quite from others. Below, I will discuss the pink Pantheress’s real name and the meaning behind her stage name.

Pink Pantheress, whose real name is Victoria Beverley Walker, was born in 2001 on 18th April. At the same time, she is a well-known English singer and record producer. Pink Pantheress songs are frequently short, including samples of music from the 1990s and 2000s. After all, it includes a vast genre, such as bedroom pop, alt-pop, and 2-step garage.

In 2021, while attending the University of London, she posted many TikTok songs that went viral, including “Break It Off.” At the same time, she subsequently signed on to Elektra Records and Parlophone. On the other hand, her top 40 songs were certified silver by the BPI or British Phonographic Industry.

In 2022, she won BBC, and her 2022 single, “Boy’s a Liar,” came number two in the United Kingdom, while in 2023, its remix with American famous rapper ‘Ice Spice’ evolved her first access on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2023, she released her debut album, which is known as “Heaven Knows.”

Pink Pantheress Early Life And Education

Pink Pantheress Early Life And Education
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Pink Pantheress, whose real name is Victoria Beverley Walker, was born in 2001 on 18th April. Eventually, you have to know a lot more things about Pink Pantheress. Below, I will discuss early life and education about Pink Pantheress.

Pink Pantheress’ mother is Kenyan, and his father is English. Her father works as a statistics professor. On the other hand, she has an elder brother who works as an audio engineer. Particularly, when she was just five, her family moved from Bath to Canterbury, where she grew up.

Later, her father moved to the United States to work at a University in Austin, Texas, when she was 12 years old. At that time, she and her mother were in England. Although when Walker was young, she took multiple piano lessons.

When Walker was 14 years old, she became a lead singer in a rock band that covered songs by Paramore, Green Day, etc. She performed her first song at school. After that, she began working at around 13 years old and raking jobs at Marks and Spencer. Later, she studied film at the University of Arts London until 2022, when she dropped out.

Six Facts You Should Know About Pink Pantheress

Six Facts You Should Know About Pink Pantheress
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Pink Pantheress is one of the latest examples of creativity in connecting with a large audience. Here are some lesser-known facts that you should know about PinkPantheress. Below, I will discuss six points you should know about Pink Pantheress.

1) Pink Pantheress, whose real name is Walker, is from Bath, England. Bath is one of the largest cities across the country, named Somerset in England. It was named “Bath” after the Romans built the empire. This is among the ten English cities which are visited most by overseas tourists.

2) Pink Pantheress’ stage name comes from one of her favorite films, “The Pink Panther.” I hope everyone is familiar with this movie named “Pink Panther.” This movie is from 1963 and has nine sequels, all featuring in the title of “Pink Panther.”

Although there was a reboot title, known as “The Pink Panther,” from 2006 and had a sequel in 2009, it gained the title “The Pink Panther 2.” On the other hand, she also says that she heard a question on a show: “What is a female Panther known as?” The answer is Pantheress, and this just stuck with her.

Additional Facts About Pink Pantheress

Additional Facts About Pink Pantheress
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3) Pink Pantheress is also one of the biggest fans of My Chemical Romance. She said that they are her favorite artists. In an Instagram post, she called that group “my heroes.”

4) Pink Pantheress is not labeled as one genre or another. As people listened to some of her tracks, there were certain backgrounds in R&B. Above all, her soul sounds while others took an alternative and electronic vibe.

5) Pink Pantheress is one of the biggest fans of 2000s music. People usually don’t be mad like Pink Pantheress for that. After that, she was certainly a good musician after listening for so long to R&B and Hip-Hop music.

6) Pink Pantheress describes her music as a “new nostalgia” along with some strong influences from the music industry of the 1990s and 2000s. Eventually, most composers created their works by utilizing samples of other songs from the UK garage, and pop scenes with Pink Pantheress’s ethereal vocals were then layered over.

Later, she adds her unique spin to each other by either slowing down the music or adjusting the tone, which shows a different milieu within a current sound.

Four Key Takeaways About Pink Pantheress

Four Key Takeaways About Pink Pantheress
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After all, Pink Pantheress’s album remains faithful to her signature blend of the bedroom pop and the UK garage. Below, I am talking about four critical takeaways about Pink Pantheress.

1) Traveling from the beginning of Pink Pantheress’s discography, you will find a medley of niche and mainstream samples. Her first single is “Just a Waste,” “Break It Off,” and then modernizes the “Circles’ ‘ by Adam F.

2) Pink Pantheress’ music has always been notoriously brief. Her first mix-tape sound is less than 20 minutes long despite having more than six music tracks. Her longest run time song is around 19 minutes. Walker’s album has a duration of 34 minutes.

3) Pink Pantheress recently rose to fame, and she previewed her music with her faceless clips. She told “The Guardian” that she would lie to her friends about her account. This is to promote her songs on “TikTok.”

4) Pink Pantheress made her statement quite with her debut music video in 2021. She stood all black and bleached the ginger eyebrows. Even she performed better in front of the sea of other characteristically punk teens.

In Conclusion

I have discussed everything about Pink Pantheress above in this article. Pink Pantheress will concede recently that she is a child across the internet. She mainly steeped in nostalgia for the late nineties and early noughties references.

Her short flip-phone ringing featured with lyrics of Lily Allen lucidity over mostly garage and makes this familiar addictively fresh so that only musicians reared on the memes could. I hope you liked this article. If you have any questions, please comment below!

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