Asap Rocky’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does Riri’s Partner Have?  


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July 6, 2023

Asap Rocky Net Worth

Do you know who Asap Rocky is? Want to learn about Asap Rocky net worth? Keep reading more to find out. With the mixtapes “Live Love Asap” and “Peso,” he got the spotlight.

He has created his name in the music industry and has millions of followers globally. He has taken inspiration and made a name with his early life struggles. In his early childhood, he moved from shelter to shelter. He was raised in Manhattan along with his sister and brother.

He has seen his mother work hard in a homeless shelter while his father has been involved in drug deals and trade. The father of Rocky belonged to Barbados. His father experienced regular jail time, and in the end, he died there.

Rocky’s love of hip hop developed from the way his brother loved Hip Hop. He took solace in his brother’s company which he also lost at a young age. It was ‘Peso’ that brought him into the limelight. Rocky’s sister Erika is also a famous musician and is connected with ASAP Nast.

Asap Rocky Net Worth: How Much Money Does Riri’s Partner Have?  

Asap Rocky Net Worth: How Much Money Does Riri's Partner Have? 

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For the past 10 years, Asap Rocky has been collaborating with Rihanna, and it was in 2020 that they both started dating. Besides his hard work, Rocky has been dedicated to his girlfriend, creating a significant social image.

He has worked hard to create a name in the industry as an American rapper. Keep reading to know Asap Rocky net worth. He is also a producer and a songwriter. It was in 2007 that Rocky started gaining popularity with his chart-topping singles, and they have effectively added to his net worth.

He earns from concerts, music sales, digital sales, collaboration, acting, and others. With his celebrity status, he has also acquired endorsement and fashion deals which further contributed to his net worth. Clearly with his diverse projects, his net worth will further increase.

Who Is Asap Rocky?  

Who Is Asap Rocky?  

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The full name of Asap Rocky is Rakim Athelaston Mayers, and he is a Hip Hop sensation. He was inspired by his brother’s death to take rapping seriously because he learned rapping from his brother.

He was part of a hip-hop collective called the A$AP Mob in 2007. Rocky has been known to learn the music of all genres. He has a challenging childhood experience, especially with drugs and the loss of his father and brother.

At a point when he lost both his father and brother, he started dealing with cannabis and drugs. Yet, he has worked hard and has a successful musical career.

The famous artist is also a record executive and started his career in 2007 when he used to rap for local groups and friends. Until 2011, Rocky was struggling, and becoming prominent in the industry was not easily acquired.



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Asap Rocky was born on October 3, 1988, and currently, he is 38 years old. He is an American rapper by profession and is quite popular in America, mainly due to his unique personality. He was born in Manhattan to parents Adrian Mayers and Renee Black.

Asap Rocky struggled a lot in his early childhood, especially when he lost his father, who went to jail when Rocky was 12. His father died soon after, and Rocky lost his brother when he was 13. All these events impacted Rocky, which made him take rap seriously.

Rocky has dated well-known celebrities such as Chanel Iman and Iggy Azalea. Asap Rocky started dating Rihanna, as per the reports, in 2020. The couple’s dating became more public in 2021, and they are currently expecting their first child together.



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Asap Rocky was a part of A$AP Mob in 2007, and the complete form can be derived as Acronym Symbolizing Any Purpose or Assassinate Snitches and Police. A Parisian fan released a mix of YouTube compilations, making him more popular.

Asap Rocky created another single, ‘Peso,’ in 2011, which was leaked online, making it one of the top music singles. He has done record deals with RCA Records, Sony Music Entertainment, and Polo Grounds Music.

He has earned the awards such as MTV Video Music Award Japan, World Music Awards, MTVU Woodie Award, Grammy Awards, and others with his vast career graph. And he also collaborated with 21 Savage and Gucci Mane with the song “Cocky,” which was released during the promotion of Uncle Drew.

What Is The Net Worth Of Asap Rocky?  

What Is The Net Worth Of Asap Rocky?  

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The net worth of Asap Rocky is $23 million in 2023. He has created an important name in the music industry in America. Initially, he started with a modest upbringing and struggled till 2011. Out of all the albums by Asap Rocky, three albums are immensely successful.

The monthly income of Asap Rocky is more than $350,000, while his annual income is above $4 million. This gives you an idea of Asap Rocky net worth. He has earned money from his endorsement, which constitutes $4 million. His album “Long.Live.ASAP” topped the Billboard 200 because it became a double-platinum.

Rocky also earns from his social media accounts, considering he has many endorsements and deals from them. Rocky has created his net worth with a huge following, such as 15.2 million followers on Instagram and 4.84 million subscribers on YouTube.

How Does Asap Rocky Acquired The Wealth?  

How Does Asap Rocky Acquired The Wealth?

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Rocky has been relentless in his hard work, constantly working as a record executive and producing songs. He has written lyrics, recorded raps, and collaborated with famous artists.

Do you want to know what is asap rocky net worth? You have to read the article. He has also contributed to increasing the hip-hop business by producing popular albums. He writes music that has been popular and resonates with others leading to popular tracks.


The asap rocky net worth 2023 also includes Asap Rocky’s assets are priced at around $8 million. Rocky owns many properties in America, such as houses in Manhattan, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Their real estate properties have been well maintained, Rocky, and it shows the prominence and success he has acquired. He has invested in luxury items such as cars because he loves driving.

He has a collection of cars, including Mercedes, Porsche, and Range Rover. It was in 2018 that Asap Rocky started amassing wealth when his total net worth was $9 million. Learning about Asap Rocky net worth Rihanna, you will get to know that Rocky’s net worth is considerably less than Rihanna’s.


Please read the article to learn about Asap Rocky net worth and how he has amassed wealth. Comment down below regarding your favorite album of Asap Rocky.

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