The Most Popular 4 Trends In K-PoP Which Disappeared Now


Rookmini Tewari


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December 27, 2023

Most Popular 4 Trends In K-PoP Which Disappeared Now

Regardless of any industry, trends will come and go. That is why K-pop is no exception. This means no matter if the movement is regarding fashion, the genre of popular songs, or even fan behavior, Recently, a forum post was made in an online community with four different trends. After that, it seemed to disappear gradually in the K-pop industry.

Here are the four trends that are followed by the fans’ comments about them.

1) Songs Above Three Minutes Long

This is not breaking news that K-pop songs have become shorter these days. This happens because of increased popularity and the rise of tiktok. This means more songs are under the three-minute mark.

2) Official positions in K-pop group

In the previous generations of K-pop, every group had a distinct position for every team member. These days, it has become more common in groups where they only have vague positions at all.

3) Full-length studio albums

Another trend that has disappeared is Full-Length Studio albums. Also, many “mini albums” are complex, at only 4 to 6 songs each.

4) High Notes in the Chorus of Songs

This has been a trend for quite a while, not just in the most recent generations. Of course, the title of this song has already been used in endless K-pop tracks, though these songs are getting shorter these days.

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