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June 16, 2022

Marketing Campaign

Over the years, campaigning methods have changed drastically. Although still in use, the distribution of leaflets and mailshots has been surpassed by today’s social media, email, and messaging systems.

The old methods have proved costly and not as effective as they once were. There is still room for this in a marketing campaign, as ignoring the basics will never be a good idea.

Embracing new technology does not mean letting go of the tried and tested.

Marketing Campaign tips

Marketing Campaign tips

Set the goals early on, and make sure you have the budget to follow this through. Who are you targeting? Be sure of the demographic so the marketing campaign hits where it is supposed to.

Make the message clear and ensure that it is obvious what the campaign is for. Is there a media strategy in place and a person capable of dealing with this side of the campaign?

Always keep an eye on the results of the efforts made, making changes as and when needed.

Using Technology


Technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the last ten years, enabling the campaign to be promoted at a faster and more effective rate. Use the new avenues that opened up. The advent of cell phone technology has opened up a whole new world for the campaigner.

The cell phone is with people for most of their day, meaning the campaign message can be quickly and easily advanced. The knock-on effect is that this message can also be passed on from them to others.

1. Text Messaging

Text messaging can play a big part in any campaign, and political campaign text messages have played a major role in presidential elections recently. They have proven their worth as although a person may scroll past an ad on their social media page or class an email as spam, they will always read a text message to their phone.

2. Social Media

Social Media

Social media is a relative newcomer to the campaigner’s arsenal and once again can have that knock-on effect of the person targeted passing it on. Have a team to handle social media. Be sure to be up to date on any rules, regulations, and limits on any social media sites to be used, falling foul of these could end in disaster. 

There have been so many changes in the last 20 years in how people interact with each other and companies. Social media can make or break a marketing campaign, and influencers on YouTube and Instagram are another way to boost the campaign.

Every second there are around 6,000 tweets sent, which makes about 200 billion a year. There are over 3 million new likes on Facebook every minute. This is an incredible amount of potential for any campaign to use as a resource, and it means you can use it to boost your business.

Any marketing campaign, be it political, social, or sales, needs to be looked at in detail before it can get off the ground. Like most things in life, if you do not get the preparation right then, the campaign is doomed to failure.


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