Instagram is easily one of the most popular social media sites in the world. The app has over a billion users, with 70% of them younger than 35. This is why Instagram is a popular marketing tool for brands, especially those targeting clientele aged 35 and under.

Users particularly like Instagram’s Stories. It’s a feature that allows one to post photo or video content for others to view for 24 hours before it disappears.

Instagram’s Stories is a useful business tool that currently has over 500 million users daily. Keep reading to learn the best Instagram story ideas for building your brand.


Why Use Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is a popular marketing tool for brands due to its ease of use and effectiveness. Stories take minutes to make, so your marketing team won’t need to spend hours creating content.

The fact that Stories disappear in 24 hours also allows your team to experiment with different marketing strategies for free. They can shelve Stories that fall flat and further develop those that garner a lot of views.

Keep reading for the best Instagram story ideas to build your brand.

Answer Questions Through “Ask Me Anything” Stories

One of the most popular Instagram story ideas that always get follower engagement is “ask me anything” posts by influencers or brands. For instance, a security company could put out a story with the question “Ask a bodyguard anything.”

Instagram has question stickers for these types of posts which allow users to submit responses to a question. You can use the platform’s stickers or create your own.

Followers can then submit their questions, and you can record your expert answering the questions. The answers can then be posted as their own stories. Later you could post a compilation video of all your answers to your highlights as well as on other social media platforms.

“Ask me anything” is a simple story to create and can help establish you as an authority in your subject of choice. The questions that followers ask could also give you a good idea of the biggest concerns your clients have.

Get Consumer Insight by Asking Questions

Another great way to increase follower engagement is to ask questions on your Stories feed. This is a great content idea when you are doing marketing research and need consumer insight. Use question stickers to ask your audience anything you want to find out.

For example, you could ask them for feedback on a product or service that you recently released. You could also ask them what content they would want from you. Questions are a great way to engage with your followers while learning more about them.

Use Polls and Quizzes

In case you want specific information from your followers, polls could help you guide their responses. Maybe you have several content ideas and want to know which type of content your fans would prefer. List the options on a poll sticker on stories and ask your followers to vote for the content they want to see.

Poll stickers on stories are always quite popular as users find it easy to vote. People are also curious to see how their opinion compares to other people’s, and polls are a great way to gauge this.

Quizzes are also cute Instagram story ideas that always attract engagement. Few people can resist a personality-based quiz that gives them more insight into themselves. Your company could also create quizzes about your brand, product, or services and give gifts to lucky users that submit the right answers. The more covetable the gifts are, the more engagement you would get.

Use stickers that will allow users to answer questions on Stories without needing to type lengthy responses. This will help prevent users from clicking out of your Stories.

Most Inspirational Quotes

Quotes are another of the most popular Instagram story ideas. Many people scroll through their social media and Instagram stories because they are feeling bored and motivated.

An inspirational quote on your stories can help get someone get out of their funk. They’ll remember you as a source of feel-good, inspirational content and will keep coming back for more.

For this story idea to work for you, look for quotes that are short, thought-provoking, shareable, and congruent with your brand. In case anyone in your company has ever said something insightful, funny, or shareable, you could also curate these quotes on your stories. Create an attractive template for the quote and then copy and paste it into the template.

Don’t forget to give full credit to the originator of the quote by posting their name at the end of the quote. To increase engagement and get social proof, you could also buy automatic Instagram likes on such Stories.

Sell a Product or Service

One of the main reasons your company is on Instagram is to increase your sales. So don’t shy away from posting stories about your products or services. Promotion posts are some of the most popular types of content for brands.

Take good pictures of your products, then use Instagram story photos to showcase and promote them. Many consumers can attest to the effectiveness of such marketing campaigns.

Use the Best Instagram Story Ideas for Brand Building

Instagram stories are a great way to drive engagement and connect with consumers. This is especially true for companies targeting millennials and Gen-Z, as this is the main demographic on Instagram and the main consumers of Stories.

All indicators show that Instagram Stories will only get more popular with time. So if your company hasn’t been using them, now is the time to start.

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