5 Lessons In Building A Strong Brand Identity




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October 29, 2022

Brand Identity

Americans set a record in 2021 by filing 5.4 million new business applications. So, having a strong brand identity has become even more important and challenging.

If your business is struggling, it might be because you’re lacking brand recognition and brand loyalty. Fortunately, there are several marketing tips that can help get you on the right track.

The following guide will explore 5 branding tips that you can start using right away to take your business to the next level.

5 Prime Facts To Know Before Building a Strong Brand Identity

1. Specify Your Purpose


First, ask yourself why your brand exists and determine its purpose. What problem does your brand help customers with and how are you different from your competitors? What differentiates you from the competition?

 After defining your brand’s purpose, make sure to incorporate it into your slogan, and overall brand voice. It needs to be clear to customers why they should pick your company over others.

2. Study Your Competition

It’s important to study your competition closely so that you stand out from them in the eyes of consumers. For example, you might end up using the same color scheme, voice, or similar slogan as a competitor if you don’t do your research.

Also, examine their marketing strategies and see what is and isn’t working for them. You can learn a lot from both the successes and failures of rival businesses.


3. Find Your Target Audience

Find a specific customer type instead of trying to make your brand appeal to everyone. For example, if you’re selling to an older audience you wouldn’t want to reference memes or slang only younger generations would understand.

You might consider conducting market research to find out who your product or service appeals to most. Another strategy is targeting a completely different demographic than your competition.

Target Audience

4. Define Your Personality

Decide what your brand’s personality is and stick to it throughout all of your marketing. Do you want to give off a professional tone or something less serious and more lighthearted?

Factor in your target audience and product and decide what tone makes the most sense. Other brand personality examples include reliability, friendliness, funny, and knowledgable. The personality possibilities are never-ending, just make sure to be consistent.


5. Make Your Brand Eye Catching

The visual aspect of your brand identity is the most important component of its overall image. Think about the previously mentioned purpose, audience, competition, and personality steps before creating visual concepts.

Colors, fonts, logos, and a premium packaging design can all sway customers toward your brand. Remember that different colors have symbology and set different moods. For example, green can illustrate wealth while yellow reflects cheerfulness and youth.

Brand Eye Catching
Ready To Form Your Brand Identity?

Now you know 5 simple yet crucial steps needed to form a solid brand identity. Remember to spend plenty of time researching your competitors and target customers before settling on visuals and voice.

We hope this guide helps you differentiate your brand from the others so that your business thrives! Browse our business category for more useful marketing and small business tips.


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