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September 9, 2022


One of the most popular tools that you can use for downloading videos and images from Instagram in 2022 is Imginn. Of course, there are several tools out there that offer the same type of facilities, but why this particular tool then? Don’t worry, we are here to tell you precisely why! 

Simply scroll down and find out all that you need to know about Imginn – this one’s a great tool, and we were also able to get hold of a few reviews left by users about the same. 

Exploring The Popular Instagram Downloader Imginn What Is Imginn

Before we start talking about Imginn, check out the table for a brief overview of all the details related to this tool. 

PricingFree To Use
Ownership TypeThird-Party
Imginn AlternativeSaveInsta, Glassgram, Storiesig, SnapInsta, Smihub

Imginn com is a website that enables users to download videos, images, and stories on Instagram, and that too for free. One of the best Instagram downloader tools, Imginn doesn’t irritate users with unnecessary subscriptions or even login procedures. 

And that’s not the only interesting thing about this tool – users can also view different profiles on Instagram anonymously. So without wasting any more time, let’s check out all the features, benefits, and disadvantages of the tool. But that shouldn’t be the only thing you must check out in a review – how about some user reviews? Yes, we got them, too – scroll down!

The Imginn Revolution: Things To Know!

Imginn has been around for some time now – do you know the crazy features of this tool? We are guessing, no! In that case, let’s check out all the major features of the Imginn application! 

Free To Use:

Free To Use

Imginn does have a few minor downsides, but at the same time, it comes blessed with some great features, making it a worthwhile investment. Also, you are not really investing money, considering it’s free to use. You can view or even download content from Instagram for free without leaving any trace. 

Wondering how to access Instagram without drawing attention? Imginn is your answer! It’s not just a free tool, it also happens to be a safe tool. 

No Sign Up:

No Sign Up

If safety is one of the most popular features of Imginn, the next in terms of popularity would be privacy. Since the site doesn’t require users to actually sign in on Instagram, you can easily ‘stalk’ profiles without getting caught. It does sound a little shady…isn’t it?

The interface of Imginn is very similar to that of Instagram. So if you have been familiar with using Instagram, you won’t be facing any difficulty using this tool! Imginn is entirely free and doesn’t ask users to sign in unnecessarily, making the whole process user-friendly.

Safety Is A Must:

Safety Is A Must

There are several websites like Imginn available online, but these aren’t safe as compared to Imginn’s site. It’s safe because it doesn’t ask users to register and is free – in that way, you are neither sharing any data nor digital payment information. 

Moreover, there is no need for revealing user identity because isn’t that the whole USP of Imginn? Anonymity is a huge selling factor, and the tool offers exactly that to users for free. 

CTAs On Home Page:

CTAs On Home Page

Any successful website always focuses on boosting its user-friendliness, and Imginn is no different. To make matters simple for any user, the website of Imginn has been designed in such a way that it accommodates all the main features on the home page, which is exactly why it’s so easy to use this tool.

Most websites work on navigation but not this one. In the case of Imginn, all the major call-to-action buttons, or rather CTAs, have been placed smartly on the home page of the site. 

Using Imginn: How To Use Imginn?

Using Imginn: How To Use Imginn?

You can only explore the magic of the Imginn Instagram downloader when you know how to use the same! Scroll down to find out how to use Imginn without any hassle! 

  1. Type ‘Imginn’ on Google Search.
  1. The official website of Imginn will pop up on your screen – click on it.
  1. You will directly reach the page you need to be on. 
  1. Enter the concerned username on the search box – for example, if you are planning to download Snoop’s videos, type in @snoopdogg.
  1. Tap on the ‘View’ option and wait for some seconds. You can also do the same thing with quick search results.
  1. You will be able to view Instagram stories and posts anonymously.
  1. You can also download the content with a single click. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to the Imginn application mentioned in detail below. 

1. Is Imginn A Safe Website?

While checking out different third-party tools, it was almost surprising to find out that a popular tool like Imginn has a pretty low score when it comes to security and privacy. So we can deduce there are certain risks associated with using the tool, but at the same time, if you are careful about the same, it will be just fine. 

2. Can You Download A Picture From Instagram?

Not really – there’s no in-built download option on Instagram for posts, videos, or reels, both for your personal account and other people’s accounts. You can only download your Instagram stories. But you can always rely on third-party tools for downloading content from Instagram.

3. How Can I Tell Who Saved My Instagram Post?

Perhaps, the only way you can find out who saved your Instagram post is by directly asking all your followers on your Instagram story. Instagram is committed to making sure that all our content is protected – the fact that there are certain limitations on the platform is evidence of the platform’s dedication to privacy.

4. How Do I Download Private Instagram Photos?

Follow the steps mentioned below to find out how to download Instagram photos.
⦿ Click on the CTRL+U button and open the Page Source code.
⦿ Simply copy the code and then paste the same into any third-party tool’s text box. 
⦿ Then select the download option, and you will receive your download links.

Our Verdict: Imginn In Demand!

★★★★ (4/5)

Pros ✔️✔️Cons ❌❌
No RegistrationThird-Party Apps
FreeDoesn’t Allow Engagement
Complete AnonymityNo Privacy Policy
Great Downloading OptionProne To Hacking

While there are several blogs online that claim ‘Imginn is the best ever Instagram Images and videos downloader tool’ in 2022, we would like to differ in our opinion. Yes, it’s a great tool in terms of both safety and privacy. And not just that, it’s super user-friendly. But that doesn’t mean the Imginn Instagram search or download tool has no disadvantages. 

Taking all the cons into consideration is perhaps the best way to go ahead while you are selecting any tool for whatever purpose. In the meantime, share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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