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June 23, 2021

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A happy employee is a productive employee, according to research. It can be challenging to tell if your employees are just pretending to be happy and satisfied because you are the boss, even when their smiles are genuine. If you notice, your employees are always watching the time. They don’t interact with others in the office, or they seem uncomfortable. You need to take action.

As a manager, you have lots of responsibilities, and managing employees is a major part of that. Communication can be complicated for some people. They may battle to express when they are upset because they feel as though their emotions are not valid enough to be shown. Here are a few ways that you can spot whether your employees need a positive boost.

4 Tips To Understand The Vibes Of Your Employees

For a big well-performing organization, your employee’s efforts and plannings are playing a significant role. To understand employee behavior, the HR department is there, but can you know it on your own?

Of course, you can! Here are the four tips to understand the vibes of your employees.

1.When A Smile Tells The Truth

1.When A Smile Tells The Truth

The science is real. When a person truly smiles, their eyes smile with their mouth. It is an instinctive reaction humans have and can’t be faked. Look at your employees when they are smiling and see if there are creases on the sides of their eyes. Other times called crows feet, the muscles in the face automatically tense the area around the eyes when real happiness is displayed.

People can try all they want to smile with genuine true happiness, but unless you can’t move your muscles from too much botox, the face will tell you much more about a person’s emotions than their words ever will.

2.Try Asking Them Directly

2.Try Asking Them Directly

By nature, humans need interaction and stimulation to feel worthy in the world, and many will talk if you just let them and listen. Employees may be too shy or scared to tell you when they are unhappy, but opening up avenues of communication still allow them to be honest. 

If you manage a large office where you can’t speak to each employee individually or are worried about employees not being honest with you in person, there is a way to get through. 

Try to send out an employee satisfaction survey that is anonymous and asks both generalized and open-ended questions. 

The key point should be first to find out if your employees are happy in their work environment and then investigate the reason behind their responses. There are employee survey software designers available to help you set up a confidential survey that employees will be comfortable participating in.

3.They Take Initiative

3.They Take Initiative

The way an employee shows they are happy in their job and environment is when they go the extra mile without it seeming like an effort at all. This could be by showing up to work early to set up or staying late to help customer support. Employees who are happy shows interests and increased engagement with all co-workers and are willing to volunteer even when they are not needed. 

Happier people are more open-minded and creative, so a satisfied employee is more likely to come up with new ideas and share brainstorming sessions. 

4.Love To Organize Their Places

If Your Employees Are Happy

A clean and tidy place is a great influence on the total office environment. When your employees are satisfied with the work area and the ambiance, they can easily understand their nature. Most of the satisfied employees like to keep their workplace clean and organized.

Happiness is directly channeled through the cleanliness of the workplace. Most of the efficient employees are showing up early in the workplace. By observing their nature, you can easily understand and distinguish between the satisfied and the dissatisfied employees.


Employee satisfaction should be one of the main areas an employer manages. Staff are not just there to make you money and keep a business running; it is their livelihoods. If they are unhappy because of something in the work environment, it is your responsibility to find out what, where, why, and how it can be rectified. When you can understand the value of your employees, your employee’s productivity is also going to increase. For better organization turnover, a satisfied workforce is a powerful solution.

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