July Is Set To Be The Hottest Month In Ten Thousand Years: Scientists Said  


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July 28, 2023

July Is Set To Be The Hottest Month

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    27th July 2023 is going to be set as the hottest month which has ever been recorded on Earth. According to preliminary analyses, this is the hottest temperature for the first time in 120,000 years. UN chief Antonio Guterres said that this is an era of global boiling.


    Scientists even agree that this extra heat is likely linked to fossil fuel use. US President Joe Biden said that this climate change is an “existential threat” and that no one will be able to deny this climate change anymore.

    Recently, researchers worked out the global air temperature by readings and gaining knowledge from multiple weather stations dotted across the globe. Although scientists couldn’t get an accurate global picture, they can feed all this information along with measurements of the atmosphere itself.

    Some researchers believe the final temperature maybe the warmest in more than ten thousand years. Scientists would not be able to detect the specific months which were going far back, but according to them, “the last time the world was similarly warm was about 120,000 years ago – when sea levels were around 8m higher than today, and hippos were present as far north as Britain.” Scientists further said that July temperature is worrying, but extreme temperatures in just one month don’t indicate that the global climate agreement would be broken.

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