According to social media platforms, the success of the Chandrayaan-3 mission landing has been viewed by over 8 million people worldwide, creating a new record. Television viewership has yet to be evaluated; however, the assumption from social media accounts informs the record.

YouTube, a social media platform, will remember this day as the live streaming of the Vikram Lander on the lunar surface smashed all previous world records in live streaming. People worldwide were tuned into the live streaming of the Lander!

Before this record, the highest record for live streaming viewership was by a YouTuber, Casimiro, during the quarterfinal game 2022 between Brazil and Croatia in the FIFA World Cup. He garnered 6.5 million viewers, completely demolished by Chandrayaan-3 mission Vikram landing live stream!

A historic feat, the Chandrayaan-3 mission started its journey to the Moon from the Sathish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota on 14th July 2023. It completed its 40-day journey to reach the Moon, making the mission launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) a success.

It was India’s 3rd mission to the Moon, which has been successful! The primary goal was to make the soft landing, which the lander did suLanderully! In the second lunar mission of India, Chandrayaan 2, the Vikram Lander crashed on the lunar surface.

Considering it is the last 20 minutes of landing when the complete game is in the Lander’s hand! The operating systems of the Lander, along with its logic, are what guided it to do the landing, which in the second mission went haywire.

The Lander was supposed to tilt 55 degrees; instead, it tilted 410 degrees, crashing into the lunar surface while the scientists could not do anything! The purpose was to land above 600 kilometers from the South Pole of the lunar surface, but due to a software glitch, it failed!

However, the mistakes have been rectified in this mission, and Vikram Lander evaluated all the conditions correctly, making a safe and successful soft landing! Now, the next step of the task of starting experiments continues!

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