How to see liked posts on Instagram? Suppose you were scrolling through Instagram as usual, and you saw this hilarious meme and hit a like on it and forgot about it. You scrolled up and down again as usual.

But when you met your friend the day after, I bet you were dying to show him that post but couldn’t find it. So you looked everywhere, every favorite Insta profile and Instagram meme page. But it is just gone. So now the question is how to view liked posts on Instagram?

Stuff like this always happens when you randomly scroll through Instagram and forgot to save your favorite Instagram posts. That’s when you wonder how to find posts that you liked on Instagram.

Lucky for you, we have a solution to your query. We have looked around and found out how to see what you have liked on Instagram. After reading this article, you will relocate Instagram liked posts that you are dying to check again.

Here is a step-by-step guide with screenshots attached. This article will surely help you see your liked posts on Instagram.


Why Should You Know How To Check Liked Posts On Instagram?

Why Should You Know How To Check Liked Posts On Instagram?

How to see your liked posts on Instagram? And why should you know this? The answer is why not! As an Instagram user, you need to know how to look at liked posts on Instagram. There are some excellent reasons for that. So, where can you see what you liked on Instagram? Here is how and where-

  • You may need to go back to the liked post on Instagram so that you can follow the profile that posted that post.
  • Maybe you can create a new post using that post as reference material. For instance, if it was a dance tutorial, you can learn the steps by going back to the liked post on Instagram. If it was an artwork, you can take that as a reference and create new artwork.
  • You may have scrolled past that post, and now an idea has popped into your head. You also want to comment on that post. That is why you need to know how to see liked posts on Instagram.
  • You may want to save that post so that you can view it in the future. In this case, knowing the steps to see liked posts on Instagram would help a lot.
  • Some posts have a great comment thread. You may want to see a liked post just to read the funny comments to your friend.
  • If you are into comments and you liked the comments on a post that you have liked before, you may want to read the new and recent comments on that post. So going back to the post is the only option you have right now.
  • Some Instagram posts may be offensive and vulgar. Maybe you found a post offensive and scrolled past after unconsciously hitting alike. Now, you not only want to unlike the post, but you also want to report it. If you know how to see liked posts on Instagram, you can quickly go back and unlike and report that post.

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How To See Liked Posts On Instagram?

Instagram is a treasure island for fun content that people love. However, if you were to ever miss any of this content after liking it, then the steps mentioned in this article will help you for sure.

Step1. First, you need to open Instagram on your smartphone.

Step2. Tap on the three-line icon on the top right corner of your Instagram Profile.
Open Your Instagram & Tap On The Three-Line Icon
Step3. Select the Settings option.
Select The Settings Option
Step4. Close to the end of the settings list, choose Account.
Close To The End Of The Settings List, Choose Account.
Step5. There is an option that reads Posts You Have Liked.
Scroll Down & Tap On Posts You Have Liked
Step6. Now you can see all the posts you have liked on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked how to see what I liked on Instagram? And we heard you loud and clear. After going through the steps and looking at the screenshots, we hope you can easily go back to the posts you have liked and further use of that post. But if there is any other query relating to the same topic, then here are some popularly asked questions on the internet that can help you. 

1. What Are The Limits To See Liked Posts On Instagram?
Like all things, there is a specific limit to how many previously liked Instagram posts you can see. Instagram has specific limitations, and the platform’s algorithm is constantly changing. The current algorithm of Instagram allows users to see only 300 recently liked posts. 

So, if you like 500 hundred posts daily and are looking for a post you liked three days ago, this trick will not work for you. On the other hand, if you care for friendly advice, please don’t scroll around, giving likes to every Instagram post.

2. How To See What People Liked On Instagram?
After the 2019 update, Instagram denied this feature for regular public use. Earlier, it was possible to view other people’s liked posts on Instagram. But now you cannot do that.

However, there is a way; you can use Instagram monitoring tools to see what other people like on Instagram. Unless you are a marketer and using Instagram for marketing, you will not need to use these paid monitoring apps. If you still want to use these tools, AirGrow and some other similar platforms can help you.

3. Can I see my activity on Instagram?
Yes, you can indeed track your Instagram activity. You can follow all the comments you made and the replies and liked posts on Instagram. For that, you need to-

  • Go to your profile.
  • Select settings.
  • Now tap on the Your Activity option.

Once you go through the procedure, you will see a bar graph showing your daily activity and time spent on Instagram. The result comes every week. You can break it down to daily results by clicking on the bars.

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There are many benefits to getting to check the liked posts on Instagram. In the hurdles of life, you may come across something very refreshing, and you miss it in the blink of an eye. If such a thing happens on Instagram, this post can help you. If you treasure a post you liked, you can follow the steps and screenshots to check back that post.

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