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When Does It Show Instagram User Not Found? Here Is Your Answer

When does it show Instagram user not found?

Many people use Instagram for personal purposes or business purposes. So, if Instagram says user not found, then something is certainly wrong. It makes you unable to access your account, so it is a problem for everyone.

Well, let me tell you, a user not found on Instagram is a typical problem of this social media channel that confuses many people. So if your Instagram says user not found, don’t panic. However, it is a prevalent problem, so there are also solutions to this problem applicable for all of you.


What Does It Mean When My Instagram Says Instagram user not found?

Instagram is a popular social media channel, especially among millennials because there are Instagrammer influencers whose livelihood depends on this platform. Many companies and individual people also use this platform for marketing their products. If their Instagram account says user not found, it becomes complicated and confusing to continue using it.

Why Does My Instagram Say User Not Found?

Firstly, you might have made a spelling error while typing the person’s username then Instagram shows that Instagram user not found that you are looking for. Even if you use a capital letter, whereas the actual username contains all small letters, it may show you that ‘user not found.’

Secondly, if you have spelled the username correctly, then maybe the person you are looking for has changed their username. It is a usual incident on Instagram when people change their usernames, and other people cannot find them anymore.

Thirdly, the person you are searching in Instagram might have disabled its account. Instagram has the option that allows users to disable their profile for a temporary period. In that case, you cannot see the person on your Instagram DM, and when you click on their username, it will show you, ‘user not found.’

Fourthly, if the person has deleted their account permanently, then you won’t be able to find them on Instagram either. You will not see their usernames, their current or previous posts, and not even their display picture if they happen to delete their account then Instagram shows that Instagram user not found.

Finally, the account that says user not found may be banned from Instagram by the authority people. For example, if some account has breached the terms and conditions of Instagram, or if the profile is reported as abusive by many other users, then the authority might ban that account. Instagram authority might also delete their account permanently, and in that case, they will not be able to access their feeds and contents anymore.

What Are The Solutions?

Well, if you are blocked by that person, then there is nothing you can do here. Then Instagram shows that Instagram user not found. Until and unless that person unblocks you, you will not be able to access their profile. It will always show you users are not found whenever you click on their username.

Check the spelling of the username thoroughly before searching them. Spelling mistake is a standard error that results in the ‘ Instagram user not found’ issue. So check which fonts are used in capital letters and which ones are written in the small letters before typing the username on the search bar.

If the person has changed their username, then confirm it from them. You can also ensure it from some familiar friend if you are not directly in touch with that person. Because if the username is changed, you need to know it before you look for them.

If the person you are searching for has disabled or deleted their account, it will also pose the same issue. Find out if the person is still active on Instagram or not because if their profiles are inactive currently, it will show that Instagram user not found.

How To Be Sure That You Are blocked From Someone’s Instagram Account?

We have mentioned earlier that if Instagram says user not found, then it might be possible that the person has blocked you. However, it is not always correct. In most cases, when someone blocks you on Social Media, you will see the comment ‘no posts yet’ or ‘sorry, this page is not available.’ This is because Instagram will not allow you to view that person’s posts. After all, they have restricted you from doing so by blocking you, so it will be unethical if you can still access them.

You might also see a blank white screen on your phone when you type the username of a person who has blocked you.

When someone blocks you, you are automatically removed from their follower list. Therefore, whatever likes and comments you have given on their posts previously will automatically disappear. If you persist in finding their account, then look for someone else’s post, on which they commented. However, the person who has blocked you can view your profile and can find the posts on which you commented if they want.


In this article, we have presented some reasons that might cause the problem of the Instagram user not found. Now we have mentioned all the solutions to those problems also so these might solve your issue. Still, if you encounter the same issue, then most likely, that person has blocked you. It also happens rarely when you do not update your Instagram version; then, it might show you that the user is not found, but it is rare. On the other hand, it has happened to many people, and they have managed to find their accounts after updating. So, if you have tried out all the solutions mentioned above, then try updating the Instagram version from your app store or your play store.

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