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March 30, 2024

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It is impossible for you not to have heard about the entire concept of influencer marketing unless you are living under the rock. It is the practice of social media marketing where creators or Instagram users engage with their followers to promote a particular product. And needless to say, with millions of followers come millions of dollars!

But, everything starts small, right? You cannot gain thousands of followers overnight. And that is where the concept of being a Nano Influencer comes in.

Wondering what it might be and how to be one? Well, I am going to help you out in that. So, keep on reading this blog till the end to learn more…

Nano Influencer: What’s That?

Nano Influencer: What’s That?

If you are looking for an affordable and (pretty much) efficient way of getting some money through engaging with your followers on social media, being a Nano Influencer is something you should consider.

Like the kind neighbor who knows everyone in the neighborhood and can offer excellent advice on anything from tech gadgets to fashion, a nano influencer is a terrific resource. 

They are your average people who have amassed a small but incredibly active social media following. The number of followers, in this case, is typically between 1,000 and 10,000.

number of followers, in this case, is typically between 1,000 and 10,000.

So, you might now wonder, “How does this entire thing work and why would people trust these nano influencers?”

As you can see, they are neither celebrities nor major online stars. Because the nano influencer is real, relatable, and doesn’t always try to sell you things, these followers are willing to trust their opinions.

For instance, let’s say you’re on social media and find a post from someone you recognize instantly, even if you’ve never met them. They’re gushing about how a new skincare product they tested brightened up their complexion and are flaunting it. 

When you consider that “Hey, if it worked for them, maybe it’ll work for me too,” you’re more inclined to try it.  

You see, THAT is a nano influencer’s power. Their recommendations can have a personal touch that gives them the impression of being from friends.

Why do Brands Choose Nano Influencers?

Why do Brands Choose Nano Influencers?

So, you might be wondering, “Why would brands pick them instead of other types of influencers?” I will tell you why!

When it comes to marketing, nano influencers are the newest kids on the block. Brands highly favor working with them. And that is due to their ability to genuinely connect with niche audiences likely to be interested in their offerings.

You see, it’s similar to having a direct line to attentive potential clients.

Additionally, because they have fewer followers, nano influencers have more time to interact with their audience by leaving thoughtful comments and answering inquiries. This is important because, in the wide world of social media, it gives their fans a sense of being heard and appreciated.

Moreover, because of the charges, most brands tend to choose nano influencers over bigger celebs for endorsements. While celebrities and bigger influencers can charge upto $1 million per post, business with nano influencers is slightly different.

According to Hootsuite, “Nanoinfluencers, on the other hand, will sometimes work with a brand for no money in return for free products. However, depending on the type of post and campaign structure, the average price for a nanoinfluencer post is $10-$200.”

How Much do Nano Influencers Earn?

How Much do Nano Influencers Earn?

As I have already mentioned, Nano Influencers are those social media personalities with a smaller follower count than mega influencers or other counterparts.

Just like in the case of any other influencer marketing process, these influencers are also eligible to earn money by engaging with their followers.

Nano influencers have a smaller but highly engaged following. They can earn a range of amounts depending on various factors.

Some of these factors include engagement rates, follower count, and the niche they operate in. For instance, on Instagram, these influencers may earn anywhere from $30 to $500 per post.

Payment is often based on the influencer’s ability to engage their audience and the value they bring to the brand they are promoting.

Additionally, some nano influencers may receive free products or services in exchange for their posts. Those with a specific niche or expertise tend to command higher rates due to their targeted and engaged audience.

However, it’s important to note that these figures can vary widely, and many deals are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. 

How do Nano Influencers Earn?

How do Nano Influencers Earn?

Nano influencers may not have the reach of a Kardashian, but they have something just as valuable. And that is TRUST!

Their followers see them as peers, making their recommendations feel like advice from a friend. This trust can be lucrative.  

According to a report by influencer marketing platform Izea, nano influencers have seen a significant increase in their rates over the years, making 36 times more in 2023 than they did in 2015. This trend reflects the growing recognition of the value that nano influencers bring to the table.

When it comes to video content on Instagram, brands prefer it more than other forms of content. This is because the rate of engagement increases.

According to Search Engine Journal, “Nano-influencers make an average of $114 per video post, $100 for an image post, and $43 for a story.”

Nano influencers earn money through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and brand partnerships. Let me take you on a tour of how much they might earn through various channels or mediums across social media:

You must have seen several creators on YouTube and Instagram use certain products using the word #Ad. You know, they don’t do it just for fun. They are PAID for this.

Brands pay influencers to create content that features their products. Nano influencers might earn anywhere from $10 to $200 per post, depending on several factors and the brand’s budget. Some may accept free products in lieu of payment.

Affiliate Marketing

Secondly, one of the most popular ways of earning money on social media is to become an affiliate.

Influencers share product links on their post on content on social media. They then earn a commission for each sale made through their link.

Believe it or not, this can be a very steady stream of income. Especially if they promote products aligned with their audience’s interests.

Also, this is where the trust or relatability between the followers and the influencers plays a major role!

Brand Partnership

Thirdly, having long-term collaboration with brands can play a massive role in ensuring that you earn loads of money steadily. This is something that can be more profitable than one-off posts.

In many cases, we have seen nano influencers become ambassadors for some brands. This happens only because the products are featured very regularly in the content that they create or the posts that they make. And remember one thing: they do it for a rather fixed rate!

Factors Affecting the Earnings of Nano Influencer?

Factors Affecting the Earnings of Nano Influencer

Even though it is true that nano influencers do not have massive reach when compared to macro or mega influencers, there is one positive that you cannot miss about them.

You see, even though they have a smaller follower count, the follower base is rather highly engaged. In other words, the rate of engagement, keeping in mind their number of followers, is much higher than that of other (read: bigger and more popular) types of influencers.

Most brands that are trying to grow nowadays are looking for influencers who can help them with authentic and targeted marketing. And THIS small but very dedicated follower base of these influencers is something that attracts more and more brands.

So, coming back to the factors. What are some of the things that can affect the earnings of a nano influencer, you ask? Let me help you out in that regard:

1. The Platform

The type of platform you select to grow as a nano influencer plays a big role. This is because different social media platforms offer different kinds of opportunities in terms of monetization.

For instance, Intagram (one of the most popular choices for influencer marketing) is a hub for brand partnerships. On the other hand, platforms like YouTube will be able to offer you more revenue. This happens through ads on top of sponsorships.

2. Rate of Engagement

If you have a high engagement rate, this is a piece of good news. It is something that indicates an active interaction from your followers in the form of shares, comments, and likes. 

This will lead to a high earning. How? Because this is something that suggests that you have a more influential relationship with your follower base/audience.

3. Content Niche

Having a niche when it comes to influencer marketing is a great way to focus on a particular area or a specific target audience.

For instance, if you create content on certain interest areas like fitness, gaming, or beauty, specific brands that are aligned wit these niche areas will get attracted to you. This will ensure that your earning potential increases.

4. Partnerships with Brands

Lastly, but most importantly, one of the things that plays a major role in the amount of money that nano influencers earn is the brand that they are partnering with.

The terms of brand deals, such as exclusivity, content deliverables, and usage rights, can affect compensation. Nano influencers often negotiate rates for each deal, which can include payments for posts, stories, and videos.

How do Nano Influencers Earn Across Different Platforms?

How do Nano Influencers Earn Across Different Platforms?

This is a legit question that a lot of you might want to know about. And worry not! I have you covered! 

In order to understand the amount that these influencers earn across different social media platforms, there are a few examples that I would like to state.

Popular with her username “bluebannister” on Instagram, Skye Edith Bannister is a growing nani influencer on the platform. She creates various forms of content on her page. However, if there is one thing that she focuses on a lot, it is about targeting people who are her fellow nano-influencers.

She currently has nearly 9k followers on Instagram. Considering that she has near about 600 likes on her post on an average, her engagement rate is approximately 6.73%. And in teh industry, she might be earning more or less $150 from brands as a nano influencer.

When it comes to TikTok, I would take the example of Gabi, a wellness blogger. Her content focuses mainly on healthy living tips that she shares. She is all into healthy stuff. This includes Yoga and diet.

And yes, her account currently has near about 3k followers. Keeping that in mind, you might already understand that if she creates a post about a particular product, let say, a Yoga Mat, promoting it, she will automatically influence her followers to buy it.

It also means that she will be getting near about $50 if she promotes the product on her channel. According to Exploding Topics, a nano influencer or creator on TikTok can earn anywhere from $20 to $150 on the platform.

So, you see, the amount of money that you will be able to earn will change and differ from one platform to another. The more followers you have, the better it will be for you to earn.

Nano Influencer vs. Micro Influencer: What is the difference?

Nano Influencer vs. Micro Influencer: What is the difference?

As I have already mentioned, several types of influencers exist in this up-and-growing marketing world. And just like the lexicon suggests, micro is more than nano.

In other words, nano influencers are the first tier of the influencer pyramid. If you have 1k to 10k followers, you belong to this category of influencers.

When the number of influencers increases, you will be able to climb up the ladder slowly. And that is when you get to be a micro influencer

A micro influencer has more than 10k but less than 100k followers on their social media account. So, they are just above nano influencers when it comes to the influencer pyramid.

While they are bigger than nano influencers, they are smaller than other influencers like macro or other influencers.

One of the most important things that differentiates both of the types of influencers, apart from their follower counts, is the rate of engagement.

When compared to the nano influencers, who have a smaller follower count, the engagement rate for micro-influencers is much less. This is mainly because of the fact that it gets difficult for the influencers to keep engaging with their followers once the circle keeps getting bigger.

As per Aspire, nano influencers have the highest rate of engagement among all other types, “with an average of 3.69%.” This is something that most brands keep in mind when choosing an influencer to market their product.

Considering the fact that consumers are putting more importance on authenticity than publicity, brands are shifting their focus to smaller creators.

Differentiator Nano Influencers  Micro Influencers 
Follower 1k to 10k followers 10k to 100k followers 
Engagement They tend to have more personal and authentic interactions, making a high impact on their audience. They have the highest engagement rate. They often work harder to tailor their content to their community, which can lead to better relatability and reach. The engagement rate is lesser than that of nano influencers. 
Content quality Their social media feeds are typically less polished, featuring more personal content. They are known for creating high-quality content and are sought after for niche engagement. 

Nano Influencers: Is it Worth Becoming One?

Nano Influencers: Is it Worth Becoming One?

You might be wondering if it is worth becoming a nano influencer and starting small. Well, to be very honest. Yes, it is a great option if you have a fixed goal in mind.

If you are specific about a particular niche and if you enjoy creating content online, being a nano influencer can be worthwhile.

As I have mentioned already, with their astonishing engagement rate and the very strong bond that they share with their followers, brands flock to them more than anyone else. This could be a great way to crack some deals and get money!

If you want to be a nano influencer, starting it as a side hustle in the beginning and then letting it grow, there are several things that you might have to keep in mind. Here are the perks of being one:

  • Authenticity: These influencers are greatly valued for their content that is genuine. This is because they create personal connections with their followers or audience.
  • Engagement: They tend to have a higher engagement rate than other popular influencers with more followers. That is why whatever they recommend to their audience becomes even more impactful.
  • Opportunities: With higher engagement rates, the opportunities keep increasing. Brands in the niche industry flock to these influencers for their genuine connection with the target audience. Partnering with them becomes profitable in several ways.
  • Earnings: While it is true that the money they earn varies, partnering with brands ensures that they do get paid consistently, even with fewer followers.

How to Become a Nano Influencer?

How to Become a Nano Influencer?

The first step in becoming a nano influencer is to identify your tribe. Whether it’s vegan cooking, independent video games, or sustainable fashion, you choose a subject you are passionate about and well-versed in and begin sharing your ideas and experiences.

Being authentic and reliable and building a strong relationship with your followers is crucial. It’s more about creating a community around your hobbies than obtaining freebies or making money, though such things can be pleasant side effects.

Let me give you a detailed overview of how to become a nano influencer:

1. Understanding Social Media and Metrics

The first and the most important thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to having a good and strong footing at being a nano influencer is to ensure that you have the knowledge of the platform you are working at.

For instance, if you are trying to be an influencer on Instagram, it is important that you understand how Instagram works. You must know how the platform’s metrics can make or break your strategies.

Once you know that, you can work in accordance with the platform and its algorithm. You will be able to ensure that you show the brands why investing in you is a great deal. Most importantly, you can prove why you will give them a positive and high ROI.

2. Engagement with Followers 

 Engagement with Followers

The next important step you need to take is to have a good flower base and keep them engaged. Now, you might say, “How to create a follower base?”

The answer is rather simple. You see, when it comes to having a high follower count, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes some time.

The key to increasing your follower count is to create content that is relatable. It should be something that your viewers will be able to trust you for.

Once this happens, they start commenting and sharing. And when THAT happens, your task is to keep them engaged. Reply to their comments, and take their feedback. If you see that particular niche or type of content is bringing in more crowd, create more of that. 

When you engage with your followers and make them feel heard, they interact with you. And when they interact with you, they share your content. As this cycle starts to roll, your follower count will simply keep increasing!

And keep one thing in mind: it is extremely important that you create engaging content. This is the key to generating more and more likes. If you want to earn as a nano influencer, engagement gets to be of prime importance. Brands will not work with you unless you make content that your followers engage with!

3. Use Proper Social Media Tools

As times have changed (read: evolved in the best way possible), we now have access to several tools that cater to the needs of influencers and/or creators. With the help of these social media tools, you can have deeper and more detailed insights about the posts that you create.

Additionally, you will be able to do many other things. For example, you can schedule your posts and engage with your audience instantly. Above all, you can view analytics, which is a great way to assess and analyze your content.

Using these social media tools is a great way to ensure that the process of monetizing your channel or account gets easier. Trust me when I say this: it is nothing short of a blessing for nano influencers. 

4. Be Real and Authentic

Last but not least, if you are planning to be and grow as a nano influencer, it is crucial that you remain authentic. Be genuine and real with everything that you put up on the internet.

You do not have to pretend to be a celebrity. Be who you are. In this way, you will be able to create a bond with your followers. They will be able to trust you. They will treat you as a friend. And they will listen to you.

And what happens when your followers listen to you? That’s right! Brands come flocking to you.

Working with Nano Influencers? Keep THESE in Mind!

Working with Nano Influencers_ Keep THESE in Mind!

Till now, I was talking about some of the things that you need to do in order to be a nano influencer. But, what if you want to work with nano influencers for your brand? There are several things that you need to keep in mind.

You see, considering the fact that there has been massive growth in the field of influencer marketing, brands and other savvy marketers have started to look for influencers who are not that popular or big.

As I have already mentioned above, this is mainly because of two things.

Firstly, the rate of engagement among these small influencers is much higher than that of bigger influencers. And secondly, it is much more cost-efficient.

Therefore, with the increase in brands trying to find better ways of small-scale outreach, it is important that you understand some of the things that you must keep in mind while trying to work with nano influencers.

Let me help you out in that regard:

1. Check their Content 

Before choosing your nano influencers, you must ensure they fall under your niche. Their follower or audience must align with our target audience for your brand.

Let me give you an example. Suppose you have selected an influencer for your brand that creates and sells false nails. Let’s name the influencer Nancy.

She has nearly 10k followers on instagram, and her engagement rate is also high. However, if Nancy is someone who creates content on diet and healthy lifestyle, partnering with her might not be the best thing to do.

Your product will not reach the right target audience even if she creates great posts promoting your fake nails.

Do you get what I am trying to say here?

So, before you select a nano influencer for your marketing, it is crucial that you check their content, their engagement rate, their audience, and their quality. Only after that can you choose one! 

2. Negotiate the Price

Secondly, you must fix the price that you are ready to offer to the influencer for promoting your products on their account to their followers.

It is true that when it comes to price and budget, partnering with nano influencers is way more cost-effective than partnering with macro influencers or even a celeb.

However, it is very important that you do not treat them as inferior to other influencers. “It’s not an uncommon practice to trade free products for a review, but it’s far better to pay an influencer as you would any other freelancer or contractor,” says Forbes.

3. Set a Budget

Thirdly, it is important that you set a proper budget when it comes to partnering with nano influencers.

Considering that you might partner with more than one nano influencer to promote your product to your target audience, it is important that you keep your finances in check.

You might have to either pay your influencer for the marketing, or sponsor the entire post. You may also have to send them free products or gifts to use and then promote.

All this should be a part of your budget that you can track later in the process.

4. Communicate Your Needs

Last but not least, it is important that you communicate your needs related to influencer marketing. Clarity becomes very important when it comes to influencer marketing. 

If the nano influencers are new to this marketing process, you might have to handhold them to make them understand what needs to be done.

For instance, you need to ensure that sponsored influencers have changed their account from a personal to a professional Creator account. This will help them to have insights into the activity of their followers surrounding the post.

Wrapping it Up!

So, now that you have reached the end of the article, there is only one thing left for me to say. And that is the fact that becoming a Nano Influencer is one of the fundamental stepping stones that you must have in order to achieve bigger goals in the field of influencer marketing.

To put it plainly, becoming a nano influencer is about sharing your passions with a community of like-minded individuals. It’s about connecting with people and having sincere interactions.

Additionally, it offers marketers an opportunity to reach the proper audience without the expense and disruption of traditional advertising.

Nano influencers stand out due to their honesty and authenticity in a world where trust is hard to come by.

If there are any other queries related to the same, please feel free to let me know. All that you need to do is scroll down till you reach the bottom of the page. Then, leave your comments and suggestions in the box below. And I will be there to answer them all for you. Till then, stay safe and keep safe! 

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