There are other class leaders and fine performers in the price range. But there are endless options for family-friendly SUVs in the price range of $30000 to $35000. But where does the Ford Explorer hybrid fall on the list?

Indeed it is not like any Mustang or Bronco, but if you are looking for a decent-looking pocket-friendly hybrid SUV, then this is a good car.

But you and I both know that good is not good enough. You need to know about the comfort those three-row seats offer. How is power generation? How fast does the Ford Explorer hybrid accelerate? Is the fuel economy efficient both in gas and hybrid engines?

The following article is a brief review of the Ford Explorer. Here is a complete list of specifications, pros & and cons, safety features, and so much more about this car.]

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What’s New

what is new in 2022 ford explorer hybrid

The car boasts a very modern design with a 3.3 liter 4 cylinder hybrid engine that offers decent performance in the price range. However, is, Is there anything new to the latest 2022 edition of the Ford Explorer Hybrid? Yes, a new ST-line trim joins the high performer Ford hybrid lineup.

The new trim in the lineup rolls on 20-inch wheels, and there is a huge cabin of 2132 liters which also sports a stylish look. You can have an ST Trim with rear-wheel drive. The platinum models and the High-End King Ranch offer up to 400 hp, and you can pair them up with a second-row bench and add two captain’s chairs.

Ford Explorer Hybrid Specs

specs of 2022 ford explorer hybrid

Buyers can avail of the base trim of the explorer Hybrid for $35,000. If you compare the features of this car to the more luxurious and slightly overpriced Lexus RX 450h, then it stands as a good option.

The car boasts an Inline 4 cylinders, 2.3-liter engine with a 10-speed automatic transmission. The engine is capable of producing a massive 300 hp @ 5500 rpm power and 310 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm torque. The rear-wheel drivetrain in the ST-line is a good option to choose in the price range. Also, there are seats for 6 passengers, excluding the driver.

The hybrid engine is capable of returning 21 mpg in City, 28 mpg on highways, and a combined 24 mpg. If we compare it to Lexus RX 450h, the Explorer has a better acceleration; it can speed up to 60mph within 4.7 seconds. Also, in full capacity, the car can run up to 50 miles.

There is another V6 3.3-liter engine option available in the line. The voice-activated navigation system, climate control, 360-degree camera with split-view, and power door locks are among some standard features of the interior. A 6.6-inch LCD display has also been made standard in the car. You can also take the twin-panel moonroof as an optional feature.

Here is a simple overview of the Ford Explorer Hybrid –

Engine: 2.3-liter Hybrid engine
Cylinders:Inline 4 cylinder
Transmission:10-speed automatic transmission
Total Seats:7 seats including the driver
Combined MPG:24 mpg
Fuel Tank:17.9 gal
Range (City/Highway):500 miles
Torque:310 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm
Horse Power:300 hp @ 5500 rpm
Safety:Forward-collision warning, driver’s assistance technology, lane departure, and other standard safety features.
Warranty:3 years warranty
Colors:7 color options

Pros & Cons

The Ford Explorer is an excellent competitor to the Kia Niro and Rav4. Here are some pros and cons of the car –


  • Impressive handling features
  • The cargo hold is huge
  • The towing capability is strong
  • Natural brake feel


  • Subpar interior materials
  • The fuel economy is not that impressive
  • Other explorers are faster.


The explorer offers the riders and the drivers an energetic powertrain, impressive cargo hold, buttoned-down handling, and a good fuel economy. But it lags for the cheap quality interior and the very tight spot for the second and third-row seating. Here is a detailed review of the same –



How does the Car perform? The answer is decent. Most cars in the same price range offer around 300 horsepower. The acceleration impressed me; it is way better than the much overpriced Lexus RX 450h. The handling is comfortable. Also, a new trim joining the lineup offers more options to choose from.

Interior & Exterior

interior and exterior

The car’s interior is full of cool features; there is also a twin-panel moonroof as an optional feature, and the cargo space is huge. But, the material for interior design could be better. The car’s exterior looks somewhat modern, and there are 7 different color options you can choose from.

Fuel Economy

fuel economy 2022 ford explorer hybrid

There is a 17.9 gal gas tank. So if you want to run only on gas, you can do that. But in the combined range, the Hybrid Explorer returns 24 mpg on city and highways combined. Also, you can ride up to 500 miles at full capacity.


safety inside 2022 ford explorer hybrid

All standard safety features like front, rear, and driver’s airbags are available. Also, there are some latest and modern-day safety features included. Here is a list of some of them –

  • Blind-Spot Monitoring
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Emergency Braking
  • Automatic High Beams
  • And Lane Keep Assist

Pricing & Warranty

The base trim of the Ford Explorer comes for $33,745 the price changes for different trims; the top trim Explorer Platinum costs $51,860. There are different trims. Here are the model variants of the Explorer Hybrid–

Explorer, Explorer Xlt, Explorer St-Lin, Explorer Timberline, Explorer Platinum. Prices for all of these trims range from $33,745 to $51,860. The higher trims contain more power and features.

Should You Buy This Car?

should you buy 2022 ford explorer hybrid

If you are looking for a simple family SUV, this car surely serves your purpose. The power the hybrid engine generates is palpable at the price range. The acceleration of 4.7 seconds to speed up to 60 mph is impressive. The fuel economy could be better in the combined range. But the interior of the car is made of cheap plastic and leather. It does not match up to the price.

But, considering the comfort of driving and riding, also the decent fuel economy helps it list it among the best recommendable cars in the SUV category.

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