Lexus NX is a capable performer in the hybrid SUV category boasting a smooth and classy performance in several areas. While the adept features are breaking records, the modernized looks alone help Lexus NX grab an impressive number of admirers.

The aggressive windshield and the LED lights of the car make a sight for car lovers. This midsize luxury SUV may feel a little overpriced compared to the other cars in our list of the best hybrid SUVs. But Lexus earns its reputation through premium features.

The car only takes around 8.2 seconds to boost its speed upto 60 in FWD. The 2.4-liter inline-four hybrid-electric engine is smooth to drive. If you are looking for a combination of a class, performance, and a sleek and menacing look in an SUV, you can check out Lexus NX.

Here is a short review to help you with detailed info.

Lexus NX What’s New


The efficient powertrains of the new Lexus NX are equipped with different and new features. For the Lexus NX 2022, the company has done a full redesign of the car. In terms of look, the car has changed a lot compared to its year-old version of the 2021 Lexus NX.

There has not been any significant improvement in terms of performance. Here are some new changes in the new Lexus NX–

  • The 2022 version is fully redesigned.
  • The car looks more spacious in the interior.
  • The new Lexus NX cargo room is bigger behind the rear seats.
  • Both the backlight and the front headlights look better.
  • The safety features are more standard.

Indeed you can opt for an older version since there are no drastic updates in terms of performance. However, the newer version is always better in terms of looks.

Lexus NX Specs


While most of our recommendations in the list of best hybrid SUVs are around $30000 to $35000, Lexus NX is priced slightly above. You pay a slightly lower price for the base variant of the Lexus NX. The NX 250 version has an inline 4 engine with 203 hp power.

There is a 2.5 L inline-four hybrid engine in this new Lexus NX 250 NX. The hybrid engine produces 184 lb-ft @ 5,000 torque. The torque in the AWD variant is the same. According to the review of some of the users, the all-new Lexus NX returns a good mileage and range.

The base trim (250 NX)returns you a combined 28 mpg while you get 39 mpg in the NX 350h AWD variant. On the track, you can boost the speed of these cars up to 124 mph. It only takes 8.2 seconds for the new Lexus NX to reach the speed of 60 mph. While in full charge and with gas, it offers a wide range of 377.0/478.5 mi. in hybrid mode.

Compared to Kia Niro or the more sturdy Rav 4, the new NX by Lexus clearly stands out as a stylish SUV.

Here is a brief overview of the specifications of the new NX by Lexus–

Engine: In-line 4-cylinder engine
Cylinders: 2.5 L
Transmission: 8-speed shiftable automatic
Total Seats: 5 seats
Combined MPG: 28 MPG
Fuel Tank: 14.5 gal.
Range (City/Highway): 377.0/478.5 mi.
Torque: 184 lb-ft @ 5,000 torque
Horse Power: 203 hp
Safety: Dynamic radar cruise control, risk avoidance emergency steer control, lane departure alert.
Warranty: 4 yr./ 50,000 mi.
Colors: 8 different color options are available.

Lexus NX Pros & Cons

Although we love most of the features of Lexus NX, there are a few things we don’t agree upon. Here are some of the pros and cons of this car–


  • The cabin is roomy and attractive.
  • Unlike some other cars, you get some excellent features as standard.
  • The fuel economy is really admirable.


  • In terms of power, the NX cannot match some of its competitors. Toyota Venza offers more energy in the same range.
  • The number of new and surprising elements is scarce.

Lexus NX Review

The aggressive looks and the fuel economy are not enough to help you make a decision whether to buy or not buy the new Lexus NX. Here is a short review of different aspects of this new electric vehicle. 

Lexus NX Performance


When you are looking for a fun and sporty SUV, then you can check out this new SUV by Lexus NX. The car has good cornering ability. The precise steering helps you drive smoothly and comfortably.

The 203 hp power produced by the inline-four engines is good, but judging the price, we expected a little more. You can boost the speed upto 60 mph within 8.2 seconds.

Fuel Economy


Lexus NX is good in terms of fuel economy. The 250x version returns a combined 28mpg. Electric vehicles are good for their flexibility in terms of fuel. The new Lexus helps you cover a wide range of 377.0/478.5 mi. Once full of energy.

Interior And Exterior


Since the car has been fully redesigned, both the interior and the exterior look amazing. The interior has some cool features and tech updates, like the 14-inch display. It is highly stylized.

There is ample space in the cargo. The backlight, the front headlight, and the windshields look modernized and aggressive.



A plethora of safety features is available on the new NX by Lexus. You get these features standard in the car –

  • Dynamic radar cruise control.
  • Risk avoidance emergency steer control.
  • Lane departure alert.
  • Forward collision warning.
  • Blindspot detection.
  • Pedestrian and cyclist detection.
  • Front and rear airbags are also available.

Pricing And Warranty

When you are looking for the best design and style, then Lexus is unmatched. The $39,425 may seem a bit too much for some of us, but it is still considerable, judging the fuel economy and the design. Also, you get a warranty of 4 years. There are two other model variants of the car– the 2020 Lexus NX 300h and Lexus RX 450h.

Should You Buy This Car?


Lexus NX is a fuel-efficient SUV. The hybrid range of this car makes it a good option in the range for a long drive. Since SUVs are more focused on performing well on bumpy roads, the Lexus hybrid does its job well.

The car may feel a little underpowered, judging by its design and style. But if you are looking for a good fuel economy coupled with a good design, then this is a car worth checking out.

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