10 Common Boat Maintenance Errors And How to Avoid Them 




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September 23, 2022

Common Boat Maintenance Errors

Nearly 12% of households in the United States today own a boat for recreation. It’s a favorite pastime and hobby for many people who love fishing, outdoor life, and just spending time on the water.

But some of the costly and common boat maintenance errors can spoil your whole holiday mood.

If you’re going to get the most from your vessel, you need a quality boat maintenance routine. Just as importantly, you should know which maintenance mistakes to look out for.

10 Costly Common Boat Maintenance Errors Which You Must Avoid To Make

Here are some common boat maintenance errors to avoid at all costs so that you can get the best performance out of yours for years to come.

Common Boat Maintenance Errors

1. Waiting Too Long To Make Repairs

Staying on top of your common boat maintenance errors. The repairs will help you more than anything else. Many owners make the mistake of spacing out their maintenance and repair work too far.

Put your boat on a maintenance schedule, find licensed repair professionals that are excellent at their craft and stock up on high-quality boat cleaning supplies. Keep records of any boat maintenance that you can complete so that you don’t lose track of it.

2. Cheaping Out On Parts

Many boat owners also make the mistake of purchasing subpar parts when getting repairs. When at all possible, stock up on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) boat parts or high-quality aftermarket parts. 

Cheaping out on parts will catch up in the long run, as you’ll end up paying double repairing boat damage more frequently than you should have.

Shop around for a great deal on quality selections when replacing boat parts. And avoid making common boat maintenance errors.

3. Neglecting The Engine

The engine is the most important part of your boat. Without it, you’ll be stranded at worst and will get poor performance at best. Look into the engine fluids and get the oil frequently changed so that the engine is clean and not in danger of drying out or failing.

Some other engine work that you might get for your boat includes:

  • Checking and maintaining the fuel line
  • Flushing the engine
  • Tightening belts and other parts

Stay on top of these common boat maintenance errors and repairs so that your boat performance remains high-quality.

4. Letting The Battery Die Out

Many boat owners also forget about the importance of the battery. Next to the engine, it’s the most important part of the boat.

In addition to changing a dead battery, you’ll need to:

  • Clean the cables so that they’re free of corrosion
  • Check the electrolyte levels every month
  • Top the battery off with distilled water

Making the mistake of neglecting your battery can leave your boat stranded and you in need of emergency assistance.

5. Not Correcting Corrosion And Failing To Clean The Boat

Another common boat maintenance error is letting the corrosion set. Finally, make sure that you never let corrosion set in on the boat. If corrosion is allowed to stay put, it’s more likely to spread and eat away at the metal. This makes the boat an eyesore and a health and safety hazard.

Clean the boat regularly, and protect it with a seal coat so that the paint isn’t affected. Pay attention to boat deck maintenance, including sweeping and power washing whenever necessary.

Make sure to learn about vinyl seat cleaning as well so that everyone has a clean and comfortable place to sit as they ride.

How To Keep Your Boat In A Good Condition?

Long boat and blue water at maya bay in phi phi island, krabi thailand.

Boats are just like any other vehicle, your car or choppers. So like other vehicles, boats also require some maintenance. The first common boat maintenance errors that everyone should inspect are the features of the boats. But if you find any kind of crack or hole, you have to repair it within a few hours.

When you are on the water, cracks, and errors are easy. While you are on the dryland, the error findings are turning out to be a much more complicated process. Hence during driving, the only problems of finding a car are much easier. But there is another solution.

Here are a few boat maintenance tips.

  • Clean your boat’s exterior.
  • Store your boat in a good place.
  • Do not run dry, and maintain your boat’s engine.
  • Clean your boats and replace the cracked hoses.
  • Remove the food scrapes and maintain the carpets.
  • Apply grease to the shaft.
  • Leave your boat’s water faucets and plugs open.
  • Keep your water tank clean and remove the salt water from the tanks.

6. Failing To Check The Marine Weather Forecast

Every trip is a must when it is about tuning into marine weather; when this concerns marine climate, it doesn’t mean regular land-based forecasts that regularly post low-speed winds and no sea ambiance. 

If you want to ensure that you have never experienced this error, then the first thing you can do is check out the best Marine Weather applications for boaters. For further information, you can Google weather safety tips for Boaters. 

7. Running Out Of Gas

Do you know why people face common boat maintenance errors? Running out of Gas or fuel is one of the most common errors people make. Always remember that fuel consumption and the range of the boat can be changed due to various factors such as sea conditions, sea load, and so on. 

On the other hand, if fuel gauge readings have changed as fuel sloshes in the tank, this matter might also be created. As an outcome, smart boaters will stick with the following formulas: using one-third of fuel capacity going out, saving one-third in reserve, and so many others. 

8. Getting Lost

In recent times, getting lost on water is one of the most common reasons for boat maintenance errors. Any electrical system can have gremlins; therefore, you must always know your location. Add a marine navigation app to your device if your boat has no navigation gear. This turns into a mini-chart plot. 

9. Running The Engine Dry

Running the engine dry is also a significant reason for finding the standard boat maintenance error. Most marine engines require a water supply, especially for cooling purposes. It also greases the water pump impeller, commonly found in most maritime propulsion techniques. This means if you are planning to run a boat motor into dry land, it can damage the propeller, and this error will also occur. 

10. Trailering With The Engine Down/Or Top

Preparing a boat for trailering is also important when it is about trailering with the engine. At this time, they shouldn’t be left in the upper position. If your boat engines are tilted, it puts a lot of pressure on the boat’s transom. Well-trailering with the machine is also another reason for boat maintenance errors.

Bottomline: Correct These Common Boat Maintenance Errors

When you can avoid these common boat maintenance errors, you always will get the most out of your vessel. Handle these tips to the best of your ability so that you can keep your boat for the next several years.

Begin with these tips and rely on us whenever you need up-to-date boat care tips. 

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