How to Choose Self-Help Books for Improving Interpersonal Skills


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June 18, 2021

Self-Help Books

What is the problem for most people? They do not have the skills to communicate correctly and effectively.

Today we have prepared for you a selection of best books on communication skills, after reading which you will become true masters of communication and persuasion.

“Science of Communication” by Vanessa van Edwards
Self-Help Books for Improving Interpersonal Skills

The book by Vanessa van Edwards “Captivate” is a 2017 bestseller about how to win people over, understand their emotions and values. The book has over 200 positive reviews on Amazon and over 600 positive reviews on the Good Reads book portal. With pleasure.

“The Art of Seduction” by Robert Green

Self-Help Books for Improving Interpersonal Skills

Robert Greene is the author of the bestselling books 48 Laws of Power and 33 Strategies for War. In his book The Art of Seduction, he has collected tips on how to seduce and seduce other people, make them fall in love with you, influence them and make them do what you want them to do.

Like other books by the author, The Art of Seduction has become a bestseller:

  • has been translated into several languages;
  • has about 600 positive reviews on Amazon;
  • has over 8,000 positive reviews on the GoodReads book portal.

“The Myth of Charisma” by Olivia Fox Cabain

Self-Help Books for Improving Interpersonal Skills

Olivia Fox Cabane’s The Myth of Charisma is a best-selling book on developing the ability to charm and influence others. The book received many positive reviews from critics and readers, including from the author of “The Psychology of Influence” Robert Cialdini. The book has over 400 positive reviews on Amazon and over 2,400 positive reviews on the book.

Many people dream of being attractive and interesting, being able to manage, inspire and influence minds.  From her point of view, charisma is a skill, a discipline, just like playing a certain sport or playing a musical instrument.

“Charm by the methods of the secret services” by Jack Schafer

Self-Help Books for Improving Interpersonal Skills

Former FBI special agent and psychology professor Jack Schafer’s book The Like Switch has received mostly positive reviews from critics and readers. The book has over 100 positive reviews on Amazon and over 800 positive reviews on Goodreads.

Many people want to be charming, attractive, and interesting. With the advice of former FBI agent Jack Schafer, anyone can learn to make the right impression.

“The Psychology of Influence” by Robert Cialdini

Self-Help Books for Improving Interpersonal Skills

American psychologist Robert Cialdini became famous for his book The Psychology of Influence, in which he outlined six principles of social influence. The book is still included in the ratings of the best books on popular psychology, and every self-respecting marketer and salesperson should know the principles of influence outlined in it.

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