Smart Homes, Smarter Safes: A Look Into Home-Centric Security Solutions


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October 5, 2023

home centric smart safe

Home Centric has brought the best of both worlds together with its smart safes. It acts as a high-security vault for valuables, along with serving as a utility device. It may look like something ordinary, which is strategically designed to keep off prying eyes and curious hands. The clock adds just the right amount of attention just to divert it.

Home Centric Smart Safe: What Is It?

This safe enables you to wake up to the softer sounds of your favorite music instead of the obnoxious pounding of the alarm. But that is just the clock configuration. This clock stows away at its back a spacious vault to store valuables on your bedside table while you sleep peacefully.

It can sound like too much of a good thing, but the home centric smart safe clock is a dream come true for many people who don’t want to store things safely in a locker far away from their bed. This home centric smart safe solves all accessibility issues. This is a multi-functional gadget that helps add value as well as convenience to everyday living.

This clock safely tucks away a secure little space to stow away emergency cash, your secret love letters, precious gems, or even a handgun. The alarm plays the most soothing tones to make your mornings more serene. It has sounds inspired by nature, your favorite songs, or just the classic alarm bell.

Why Would You Need A Home Centric Smart Safe?

The device has a Bluetooth speaker. It can offer all your morning motivation playlists in one place when you wake up. On Sundays, you can play jazz to get you started.

It has two USB charging ports that help charge your devices while you sleep. You can simply plug in your phone, and you will wake up to see it fully charged. Doing away with the need for chargers in the morning, this bedside vault is a savior.

It has a large LED display that does not only read the time but also the date and room temperature. A smart clock at its best.

Devices like these can be packed with features, but they may not always look good while being of so many uses. The Home Centric smart safe does what it says and looks good while doing it. It has sleek lines and a modern design. Made from high-quality materials, this safe stuns its viewers. It is nothing short of a statement piece.


The cost-benefit of this smart safe is astounding. At $30, you are getting not just a safe to keep your belongings but a clock that reads the date and room temperature as well. It also has USB charging ports and Bluetooth speakers for added functionality.

Home Centric Smart Safe Reviews

Home Centric Smart Safe Reviews

If you are still not sold by what we have to say about the home-centric smart safe, here are people who bought the device around the country as well as the world, giving you a detailed peek into it.

Amazon Reviews

For years I’ve followed Vaultek and the products they’ve brought to market and I finally bit the bullet and purchased the D2Si as my first item from them. It’s great. The setup is straightforward and clear. The quality is excellent, Bluetooth, and biometrics top tier. It’s got every option you could want for a desktop/nightstand safe and none you wouldn’t. Having the clock/Bluetooth charger/and safe all in one eliminates clutter on the nightstand. We will see how well it lasts over time, but initial impressions are great.

Byron Mahoney

The safe was very robustly protected during shipping. everything was easy to set up. The only thing I could recommend is a longer anti-theft cable. But, now that I think about it I could extend it with something else equally secure to place it where I want it. Excellent product for the money and knowing your items are secure and out of sight.

Pam S

2 weeks of ownership, bolted into the night stand using the top desk mount and used the steel cable.

Finger print works most times, unless it’s at a funky angle. Code works every time. Phone charger works every time when centered, otherwise beeps.

Colin Wilbur

You get everything you ask for with this product. Nothing short of excellent. Worth every penny in my opinion. High quality product that delivers EXACTLY what it advertises. Vaultek will be seeing more business from me in the future.

Evan Boiko

Hubby is a safety instructor and he was super excited to receive this as a gift. Meets and exceeds all expectations thus far! Great product & arrived as expected. Will definitely look to order from this shop and brand again.

Shannon Bushong

This is the best of Vaultek, great quality, easy to set up. You will not regret this purchase.

Gary Price

Very big fan of Vaultek and this one is awesome. Love the look and weight of it and it’s sneaky how good it hides it’s true purpose.

Michael Nolan

Ubuy Review

The VAULTEK Smart Station Home Centric Biometric Smart Safe is a reliable and high-quality product manufactured by a reputable company. This safe offers impressive features, including Bluetooth 2.0, an auto open drawer, and a wireless phone charger covert black. The biometric options add an extra layer of security, making it a top choice for those concerned about safety. Although some sketchy websites may offer the product at suspiciously low prices, it is crucial to purchase from trusted sources to avoid scams. The screen of the safe is dimmable and can be adjusted to a very low brightness, making it suitable for nighttime use. The safe is spacious enough to accommodate a full-size 1911 45 and offers USB/USB-C ports conveniently located on the back top center. The charging capabilities of the USB/USB-C ports and wireless pad are efficient, allowing for reliable charging of devices like the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Overall, the VAULTEK Smart Station is a reliable and versatile smart safe that meets the expectations of customers.

Editorial Review

Wrapping Up

Have you bought a Home Centric smart safe? Do you find it useful? What do you have to say about it?

If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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