What Is Commercial Property Management? Everything You Need To Know In 2024


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February 9, 2024

commercial property management

Over the last few years, an extensive set of commercial property management companies has had to adapt to the breakneck speed of change. If you have been looking into the property management company in Florida, you might get overwhelmed with your options.

Although the labor shortage has softened somewhat, unemployment remains lower than it was a few years ago. Knowing what types of lies can change ahead of us is critical.

This is all about considering that a property manager is the right move for you. It would be a great move, especially if you were pursuing your career as a commercial contractor. There are several other ways to manage and simplify the management of your properties.

What Is Commercial Property Management?

What Is Commercial Property Management?

Commercial property management can sometimes be rewarding, especially for those who enjoy managing complicated issues. Below, I am going to discuss commercial property management.  

Property Management, especially for commercial and industrial premises, involves communicating with tenants and other stakeholders. Above all, commercial property management is all about ensuring compliance with safety and health laws.

Did you know property maintenance is one of the significant aspects of property management, and most commercial property managers will have a network of proving contractors? In this case, they have the value of money and dependability.

Furthermore, property managers can easily recognize any fault with the building, handle liability, and limit risk. This also ensures tenants have an environment where they can focus on their businesses and be free from worry. Even this is also about stress in terms of handling tasks for themselves.  

What Are The Largest Commercial Property Management Companies?

What Are The Largest Commercial Property Management Companies?

Remember that some of the best commercial property management companies have been listed there. Below, I am going to discuss the largest commercial property management companies.  

1) Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield

Recently, one of the most popular commercial property management companies has been Cushman & Wakefield. This began in 1917 as a small business in New York. This company currently has more than 400 offices across 70 countries, and they manage their work over 3.6 billion square feet of Real Estate.  

Some of the firm’s illustrious history points include selling the land and acting as a project developer, primarily for Chicago’s iconic Sears Tower. This commercial property management company offers many services, especially for investors, lenders, and developers.

Whether your organization is looking to acquire or even dispose of the property, they can appraise the assets. Moreover, this also helps develop a portfolio strategy and enhance sustainability. If you want, you can invest in real Estate and mortgage property taxes.  

2) Colliers International

Colliers International

Another one of the leading global real estate service providers, which is also a commercial property management company, is Colliers International. Colliers International can manage over two billion of property across an extensive range of assets in 68 countries.

This commercial property management firm was established originally in Australia. However, this expanded to the United States in 1978, now representing its most significant market share.

What are the Colliers’ real estate management services? Well, this includes maintenance, building operations, and maintenance inspections. This also includes property accounting, financial reporting, and contract management.

The management teams of this firm are composed of an extensive range of local experts with a strong background in the specific asset class. The 24-hour tenant service center is recently accessible through email, phone, or the Internet. This also serves as a single point of contact for multiple tenant issues and inquiries.  

3) CBRE Group Inc.

CBRE Group Inc

It is one of the world’s largest commercial property management companies, which gained $21.3 billion in revenue in 2018. This business has over 90K employees across the globe. This property management company has been featured on the Fortune 500 list since 2008.

It has also been voted the top brand by the Lipsey company for 18 consecutive years. This has also been named one of the “most admired companies” for almost seven years in just a single row. Recently, CBRE has offered a wide range of incorporated occupiers and investor services for real estate properties across every type of asset.  

The services of CBRE Group Inc. include transaction, project management, investment management, valuation, and so many others. This also includes mortgage services, development, etc.  

4) SVN


Another one of the largest commercial property management companies, which was founded in 1987, is SVN. This has over 200 independently owned and operating offices across the globe.

This combined with 40 million square feet of properties under the management. SVN specializes in several corporate sales, services, property management, etc.

SVN works with an extensive range of asset classes, including office, industrial, multi-family, and single tenant. The product councils Within this company allow SVN advisors to build a network and share their expertise with several colleagues.

The senior-level advisor with a proven record of success and hands-on experience leads every firm council. The superior knowledge of this company is within its asset class.

5) Franklin Street

Franklin Street  

Franklin Street was founded in 2006. This has evolved into one of the fastest-growing commercial property management companies in the southeastern United States. However, the international property management giants provide comprehensive services. This includes capital advisory, landlord representation, tenant representation, and project management.  

What are the services this commercial property management company offers?  

  • Acquisition identification and due diligent support.
  • Marketing Plan development service includes pricing strategy and ad campaign implementation.  
  • Another one of the most effective services of Franklin Street is full-service accounting support.  
  • Education training and career path progression are the services of this commercial property management company.  
  • This tailored performance metrics service.  
  • Utility monitoring is another service of Franklin Street.  
  • Preventative and corrective maintenance is another attractive service of Franklin Street.  

What Are The Seven Benefits Of Commercial Property Management?

What Are The Seven Benefits Of Commercial Property Management?

Real Estate comes in two major categories. These are Residential Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate. Both these types of categories have a lot of benefits. Below, I will discuss the seven benefits of commercial property management.  

1) Best Returns On Investment

One of the best things you need to be assured of is the highest return on your capital amount. There is a .01 % chance which might not be possible for you to get a good return.  

After all, we have witnessed that people can earn double or triple based on their initial amount. If you are looking for the most rapid and reliable return on your business investment, there are options and one of them is incorporating real estate drone photography.

2) Passive Income

If you own a commercial property, it could be beneficial as it works as your passive income. In this case, you will be able to use your commercial property as another source of income. This would work better if you know the best ideas to utilize the space.  

If you are a business-oriented person, you can use this space to start your new business. However, you could only earn from your commercial property business if you established another real estate business.

3) Higher Resale Value

One of the best reasons to invest in a commercial property management business is its higher resale value. Of course, the real estate industry is mainly known for the more profitable margins, especially from the cost price. One of the most significant reasons why people across the globe prefer investing their money in the real estate business is other than the investment.

4) Fast Cash

Your commercial property management business will always be able to generate fast cash. Regardless of the company’s economic situation, commercial property always hits its ranked market.

These commercial property management properties always have buyers from outside and inside the borders. Furthermore, you will always be able to sell your property and get a handsome amount in exchange for time requirements.  

5) Multiple Uses

There are several uses for real estate commercial properties. A commercial building can be used for a school, hostel, hospital, or commercial zone with many shops or co-working spaces at any time.  

Above all, these are highly recommendable for keeping up with your passive income. If your commercial property is just a piece of land without any buildings, you can use this place for several purposes. 

6) Always Increasing Land Value

One of the most significant facts about commercial property management business is about increased land value. Regardless of anything, if the building is constructed or if it’s the land of the piece, then the value will be increased. One of the most significant ways to increase the land value is by capturing pictures of the land from drones. In this case you have to own a professional commercial photographer.

The fact is not only about helping circulate money across the social cycle but also about providing benefits to the sellers and purchasers of the land. This never-ending cycle will give several advantages, especially in commercial properties, which is always one of the main reasons. That is why most people like investing in retail property management.

7) Less Risk

Well, the pros and cons of commercial property can’t be denied. But while you are working on the commercial property, there is less risk. As mentioned above, you can use your commercial property and earn from it in hundreds of ways.

Aside from that, you will always have the more considerable ground to play while operating a commercial property. Therefore, the undeniable fact is that commercial property can always come with better income chances than residential property, making it move like it is today.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Property Manager?

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Property Manager?

After leveraging your investment property, the next critical decision is to employ a property manager. A property manager is similar to commercial movers which means they closely hold the same realm. This will help you further to manage yourself. Below, I will discuss the benefits of using a property manager.

1) Fewer Problem Tenants

An extensive range of experienced property managers can see hundreds of rental applications. They are experienced in screening tenants, reviewing rental history, and reference checking. This will also ensure you receive high-quality tenants. Of course, you can express the final say to whom you give the rents of your property.

2) Tenants have someone to talk to right away

If any issue happens with the property, then property managers are more accessible to address your problems at all hours of the day. Their negotiating power will ensure you get the best price for maintaining jobs.

3) On Time Rent

Good property administrators will work to ensure your tenants expand their rent timely. Consistent rent collections are the main thing in order to receive rent payments. They will forcefully incorporate lease policies if the rent payment is not received promptly.

4) Less Stress

You don’t have to worry if someone else manages your property and tenants. In this case, they will do the most work for you.  

5) Across Strict Legislative Requirements

The exact legislative requirements bind private owners as their property managers deal with several tenants. If you take the task on yourself, you must remain current. This happens with a consistent change in legal and lawful requirements. Therefore, if you plan to choose a property manager to manage your investment property, then it could be wise. This might save you time and money over the long tenure.

6) Comprehensive Insurance

If you are handling any commercial property management company, it will help you find landlords. In this case, a property manager will also be eligible for more comprehensive insurance coverage and several other advantages.

7) Reduce your Risk

If you want to get engaged with a property manager, it will reduce your chances of keeping a vacant property. Therefore, lowering the stake of mislaid income is another significant benefit of pursuing your career in a commercial property management business. It will also allow you to track and maintain the property’s condition.

8) Maximizing Your Return

Another benefit of using a property manager is that it will help you to keep abreast of the market rentals and your market position on rental increments. This will also keep your tenants on a current lease and will give a security tenure. Aside from that, it also obtains more money for your income tax timely.

In Conclusion

I have discussed everything about commercial property management in this article. After all, the real estate property management business is one of the best sources of income for most people. Of course, commercial property is a type of investment that will pay you off in several ways. Yes! Indeed, people would never invest in something that won’t give them a return.

Thank you for reading till the end!

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