Matters of divorce and separation are stressful. In the U.S, there are a total of 2,419,198 divorces per year. That’s why marriage counseling has proven extremely beneficial in saving and maintaining a healthy relationship.

Marriage counselors aren’t one-size-fits-all, so you must find the right counselor for your needs. However, it can also be an overwhelming experience. Left unguided, many people don’t know where to start.

But how do you choose the right one? Keep reading for everything you need to know about choosing the right marriage counselor for your situation.

Look For Recommendations And Check Their Reputation

The first step when looking for a marriage counselor is to ask for recommendations and check their reputations. You may have a few friends or family who may have gone through marriage counseling themselves or know anyone who has. If so, use this to your advantage and check who they recommend.

Does the counselor have a great success rate? Ask around and find out if other couples who have gone to the counselor have succeeded. When you have gathered enough recommendations, you can check their reputation by looking up reviews online.

If you both decide not to give up on marriage, consider looking for a professional counselor. Choosing a counselor you’re both comfortable with and feel will be helpful is essential.

Ask About Their Values, Strategies, and Approach to Marriage Counseling

Before choosing a marriage counselor, make sure to ask about their values. Don’t be afraid to ask such questions, as this will help save your marriage.

Their values may coincide with their approach to helping you and your spouse, affecting their beliefs and insights toward reconciliation. You can ask questions about their belief in pre-marital counseling. You can also ask about their stance on divorce.

Ask about what they believe are the strengths and weaknesses of marriage. Then check how they would go about counseling a couple.

These questions are essential to consider because you want to ensure that your counselor shares similar values. You want to trust that they will not judge you for your choices.

It would be best to find a marriage counselor who is open-minded to hearing you and your spouse’s story. Furthermore, you want to be confident that they will provide you with the best resources and tools to help improve your relationship.

Know The Types Of Therapy They Offer

Types Of Therapy

When you are seeking marriage counseling, it is vital to choose the right marriage therapy. Not all are created equal, and each has a unique therapy approach. Here are a few examples of the different types of marriage therapy:

1. The Gottman Method

It is based on the belief that every marriage can last a lifetime if both partners are willing to commit to the relationship. It is a research-based approach to couples therapy developed over four decades. It is designed to help couples strengthen their relationship and improve communication. It is effective in helping couples resolve conflicts and strengthen their relationship.

2. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)

It is a therapy that focuses on the emotions in a relationship. This therapy can help couples understand and manage their emotions and communicate more effectively. It can also help couples identify and change the patterns of behavior causing problems in their relationship.

3. Pre-marital and Couples Therapy (PACT)

It is an evidence-based approach to couple counseling that can help improve your relationship. PACT therapy focuses on helping couples improve communication, emotional connection, and conflict resolution skills.

4. Sex Therapy

If you’re experiencing difficulties with sexual intimacy, you may want to consider a sex therapist. Sex therapists are trained to help couples improve their sexual relationships and communication. They can also help with other issues impacting your sex life, such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, and orgasm problems.

Ask About Their Credentials and Experience

counselor trained in marriage

It is essential to find a counselor trained in marriage and family therapy. Make sure to choose a licensed counselor with experience working with couples like you.

You can contact the counselor directly to ask questions and get a feel for their style. Does the counselor specialize in marriage counseling? Do you feel like the counselor is unbiased in giving marriage advice?

If the different types of therapy mentioned earlier sound appealing and suitable for you, then make sure to choose a marriage counselor that is licensed for each specific therapy. Their credentials will play a massive role in this as they provide assessment, diagnosis, and more to you and your spouse.

They can also determine whether the treatment is most suitable for your marriage. Don’t forget that a good marriage counselor’s approach should be respectful and collaborative. They should be impartial and not take sides.

Consider Their Schedule

You will want to find a counselor that has a flexible schedule so that you can easily schedule appointments around your busy life. You will also want to find a counselor available when you need them.

If you are only available during the week, you will want to ensure that the counselor you choose is available during the week. You will also want to find a counselor who can see you conveniently.

Be Prepared to Commit

When choosing a marriage counselor, be prepared to commit to the process. This means attending all sessions, being open and honest with your partner, and being willing to do the work necessary to improve your relationship.

Make sure you are on the same page with your partner. You both need to be committed to the counseling and be willing to work on your relationship. If you are not on the same page, it will be difficult to make progress.

Find The Right Marriage Counselor Using These Tips

Marriage counseling can be a great way to improve your relationship. Still, choosing a marriage counselor who you feel comfortable with and who has experience with the issues you’re struggling with is essential. When you’re ready to take the next step, reach out to a counselor who can help you improve your relationship.

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