BlizzCon Tickets Are Going To Sale On September 29th, 2023: Additional Tickets Are Available  


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September 29, 2023

BlizzCon Tickets Are Going To Sale On September 29th

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    Don’t miss out on the last chance to attend the event BlizzCon in person with audiences’ final tickets to this year’s event. You will get the opportunity to purchase a ticket at the third wave of ticket sales this Friday, which is September 29th.

    Here is the first glimpse into the same events and programming that can be expected in person. Tickets will be sold through AXS if you already don’t have an account on AXS. As per GMT, tickets will go on sale this Friday at 12 pm and 7:00 pm. Please note that you can purchase a maximum of two tickets for every transaction.

    You will be able to find more information and updates about BlizzCon 2023 at Some content is not ranked for mature and knowledgeable audiences at BlizzCon, and some are inappropriate for children. Children under seven will not be permitted to enter and anyone under 17 must be accompanied by an adult. BlizzCon 2023 will be sharing live updates from the arena for free. We will also have some details on a new set for this year’s event of in-game goodies, which we call “Blizzcon Collection.”

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