Witcher 3 Ending Explained: Henry Cavill’s Last Episode As The Witcher Has Concluded  


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July 28, 2023

Witcher season 3

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    The Witcher 3 Volume 2 has ended, with the last episode being released on 27th July 2023. The epic fantasy drama is based on the comics and video games of the same name. The cast of the series includes Henry Cavill(Geralt of Rivia),  Freya Allan(Ciri), Anya Chalotra(Yennefer), and more.

    This series is said to be the last for Cavill as the character of Geralt. This news is a shock to the series fans as Cavill himself is a huge franchise fan. His motivation to do the series comes from being a fan himself.

    The series gained attention and popularity even before it was released due to its popularity in the gaming world based on the Witcher game. This led to disappointment among the fans of the series on the news. Liam Hemsworth will take over season 4 of The Witcher series as Geralt.

    Volume 2 of The Witcher 3 consists of 3 episodes from the eight episode long season. Here’s how the last episode of The Witcher 3 ended. Geralt is healing from his injuries from fighting Vilgefortz in the forest of Brokilon.

    Jaskier tells him that the emperor Emhyr has announced Ciri is on her way to Nilfgaard. Geralt’s mood to rest ends with this news, and he wants to save Ciri, his adoptive daughter. Yennefer tries to help Tissaia, who, after being betrayed by Vilgefortz and seeing the destruction of Aretuza, is seen going mad.

    Even after Yennefer’s assurance and strength, Tissaia kills herself. Yennefer, left heartbroken, starts gathering herself so that she can reassemble the remaining mages left in the institution. She meets Geralt and heals him with the promise to meet him again, as they need each other.

    Geralt leaves for Nilfgaard, where he fights with the soldiers after seeing one of the soldiers misbehaving with the common folk. Through one of these soldiers, he also sends a message to the Emhyr “No matter his armies, no matter his walls, I will free Ciri.”

    Geralt walks towards the kingdom with Jaskier and Milva in the final scene. While on the other hand, Emhyr presents Ciri in front of Nilfgaadians, addressing her as the daughter and princess of Nilfgaard. But he doesn’t realize it’s not the real Ciri but her look-alike who was featured in the season earlier.

    Vilgefortz, now disfigured from the explosion that took place in Aretuza, mistakes look-alike Ciri and brings her to the Emperor of Nilfgaad. At the same time, the real Ciri is found among a group of hunters.

    The hunters realize her plan and try to hand her over to Emperor Emhyr. But on the way, the hunters are defeated in a fight with Rats, an outlaw crew, for kidnapping one of their members. When Rats ask Ciri for her name, she says Falka, a princess she saw in her vision at the Korath desert.

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