Ben Shapiro Slammed For Taunting Disney Casting Rachel Zegler As Snow White  


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July 20, 2023

Ben Shapiro

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    An American conservative, Ben Shapiro, has been criticized for his narrow-minded complaints about the Disney casting of Rachel Zeglar as Snow White. The 22 years old west side story actor has been cast as the famous fairy-tale fictional princess “Snow-White” in the live-action of 2024.

    A misleading set of photos have caused backlash and outrage from a large group of conservatives to the upcoming fictional movie. In this case, Shapiro commented on the Objections to Zegler’s casting.

    According to Shapiro, “Her name is Snow-White. Now you may consider that racist, but that’s also the name of the actual fairy-tale.” He further read a quote from an original 1937 movie’s descriptor: “‘Skin as white as snow.’ That’s literally in her name, that’s why she has her name.”

    Against his reaction, several internet users have commented supporting the casting of the Latina actress in the Disney movie. One even noted that White is in the movie’s name but doesn’t play any significant role with the skin color. Others wrote that Shepiro probably does not know what a fictional character is!

    The 39 year old also stated: “Maybe you should cast people as like what the description of the part is. There are certain parts where the person is described as white, and that’s ok. That’s not the end of the world.”

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