A Large Group Of Destructors Gathered In Jerusalem: Votes On Judicial ‘Reasonableness’ Bill  

Judicial ‘Reasonableness’ Bill

On Sunday, people in Jerusalem were stuck in traffic on multiple streets because many demonstrators gathered for a protest in Israel’s Capital. According to the information of Israel’s Police, many police officers have secured the protest and are working directly with the traffic according to the public order.

A group of 10,000 reservists from across 40 military units announced they would not report for duty if the “reasonable bill” gets passed. This decision comes after Friday’s announcement that more than 1,000 Israel Air Force pilots will get suspended.

Not only that, even multiple protesters marched more than 35 miles from Tel Aviv, joining the way. On Saturday night, a protest was ongoing simultaneously across the nation for the same 29th consecutive week.

Apart from that, there were many clashes with the police. On Sunday morning, hundreds of destructors gathered for prayer at the Western wall for prayer, including the Party Leader of National Unity, Benny Gantz.

A large group of medical professionals named ‘White Coats’ announced a protest on Sunday afternoon at Chords Bridge in Jerusalem. In addition, a woman was also arrested for blocking the entrance of the home of the World Likud Chairman and the Knesset member Danny Danon.

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