Rare Octopus Species Looking Similar To ‘Spooky’ Ghost Spotted During Deep Sea Exploration


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September 28, 2023

Rare Octopus Species Looking Similar To ‘Spooky’ Ghost Spotted During Deep Sea

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    A new species of octopus was spotted in the deep sea by scientists that looks like a ghostly octopus. During a deep sea exploration of 5,500 feet under waters off the Hawaiian Islands scientist spotted this rare “Dumbo” octopus. The creature has been named after the cartoon by Disney of an elephant with flapping wings for ears called ‘Dumbo.’ This octopus species is seen to have a pair of flapping fins on its head leading to its naming.

    This creature was captured on a camera that was aboard ROV Atalanta as it explored deep under the sea at the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument located in the northwestern part of Hawaii.

    Researchers were heard saying they were glad to see this animal live through the video feed, “I’m glad we got to see a live one.” This video clip was shared as a part of an exploration program by NOAA and Ocean Exploration Cooperation last week. A scientist was heard excitedly in the video clip saying, “Oh the flappy, flappy ears,” while describing the unique octopus species’ flappy wings or ears on its head. ‘Dumbo’ octopus are a species of octopus that live deep in the sea floor around depths up to 13,000 feet. The research team said they have spotted more ‘Dumbos’ in the area.

    Another ‘Dumbo’ was spotted nestled on the sea bed from the video released on Wednesday. A researcher jokes in the video, “There’s that beach ball we’ve been looking for,” upon spotting another ‘Dumbo.’

    Scientists of this expedition wrote along with the video footage, “Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument seems to be home to some of the most beautiful dumbo octopuses in the world!” Adding further, “Our Corps of Exploration spotted this one over 1,600 meters deep while exploring Woollard Seamount, roughly 40 nautical miles north of Hōlanikū (Kure Atoll) during our NA154 expedition. Enjoy up-close views of its textured and somewhat translucent skin while making ‘eye contact’ with this cirrate cephalopod.”

    Very little is known about these 17 species of Grimpoteuthis spp. (scientific name) that goes by ‘Dumbo’ octopuses. Hence this observation with competent marine equipment was of importance among researchers.

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