Top 7 Advantages Of Installing Computerized Valet Parking Systems


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March 3, 2021

Computerized Valet Parking Systems

If you have ever taken your car to a mall for parking, chances are that there are very few positive experiences you would be able to recall. This is because most modern complexes like malls and shopping districts do not have a proper management system.

In recent years, some leading companies have taken help from technological advancements and tried to improve the situation. CVPS or Computerized Valet Parking Systems have emerged as an optimal solution to addressing the problems faced by users as well as the authorities.

In this article, we will shed some light on why CVPS systems are something that car parking complexes should take a serious look at. Specifically, we will be sharing the seven major advantages of Computerized Valet Parking Systems.

What is a Computerized Valet Parking Systems: A Brief Introduction:

Computerized Valet Parking Systems

In very simple words, a CVPS system uses parking management and automobile imaging solution. This helps in creating a car tracking and managing system that helps promote better efficiency, tracking, safety as well as boosts revenues.

At the end of the day, institutions that want people to come up and bring their cars, want users to have a pleasant experience. Going paperless allows users to enjoy multiple benefits and streamlines the entire process of taking your car out for shopping, seeing a movie, getting a bite at the restaurant, or anything else.

Some major locations that can heavily benefit from a CVPS system are the following-

  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels, Resorts, and Casinos
  • Airport, Railway and Bus Terminals
  • Big Residential Complexes

As you can see from the list, nearly all the above-mentioned places see tens and thousands of vehicles every single day. Better managing them through a Computerized Valet Parking Systems can prove to be very beneficial. This can be both the car owners as well the management of the locations.

List of the Top 7 Advantages of Installing Computerized Valet Parking Systems:

1. Paperless Parking Solutions-

If you are going for a CVPS the most notable advantage is not having paper tickets or plastic tokens. As car owners, we dread storing tickets and tokens received at car parks as we fear we will lose them. Needless to say, losing the same is made worse because you have to pay a penalty or a fine for the same. A CVPS uses mobile phones to work making them simple to use.

2. Good for Cashless Consumers-

To be very honest, I do not carry a lot of cash on myself. 90% of all my expenditures, bill payments, and transactions are done through my smartphone. Like me, there are millions of car owners who prefer to go cashless. Using a CVPS means that a location will be able to adopt a cashless model that will prevent corruption and ensure proper collection of parking charges.

3. Weeds out Extra Expenditure-

Paying the salaries of car parking employees is a complete waste for whoever is managing or has the responsibility of revenues. Rather than pay tens and thousands of dollars on employees, one single CVPS system can help save the entire amount. Automation and tech adoption in this instance leads to money-saving, cost-cutting, and positively adds to the revenues.

4. Enhanced Safety and Security of the Location-

Are you comfortable handing over the keys of your $200,000 Supercar to a valet? Chances are that you are not! With a Computerized Valet Parking Systems, you can boost the safety and security of the location. This is because every number plate is scanned and owners are allowed to keep the keys of the vehicle with themselves. This enhances security in the location.

5. Better Customer Satisfaction Levels-

The aim of technology adoption by businesses is done to make things simpler for consumers. A Computerized Valet Parking Systems solution performs more than adequately in this regard. From being operated through a smartphone to not having the responsibility to look after tickets, a CVPS optimizes the customer experience in a better way.

6. Integration with Software and Collection of Data-

Many people are aware of the fact that parking money can be a huge source of revenue for any business. Using a CVPS can allow you to dive deep into the data and enable you to create revenue projection models. This is something essential for locations that are always on the lookout for revenue expansion plans and projects.

7. Ideal for a Post-COVID-19 World-

Ticketless, cashless, no human contact or interaction. Sounds like guidelines that have been issued by the WHO! Can you imagine how safe the customers will feel when they do not have to physically touch tickets/tokens, hand over and get back cash, and do not have to move around real human beings at parking bays? CVPS is ideal for a post-COVID-19 world scenario.

The Bottom Line:

Computerized Valet Parking Systems also speed up the nature of things. This means more cars can move in and out of the premises thereby allowing others to occupy the space. Consumers will over a period start preferring locations that have a CVPS in place rather than the ones that are still functioning the old-fashioned way. It is also a far safer way to travel with your family during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Can you add more value to the article by stating some more advantages of CVPS in the comments section below? Alternatively, if you would want us to answer any of the queries you might have in terms of installations, you can drop them in the comments section as well.

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