Online Threats to Watch out for in 2021


Ariana Smith


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March 1, 2021

Online Threats

The rise of cyber-crime has perhaps been accelerated by the increasing number of businesses moving to conduct their digital capacity operation. This factor affects trade, society, the economy as a whole, and the remote worker’s privacy and security.

In many cases, the excessive rate of cyber-crime has left many security infrastructures with insufficient time to prepare for new forms of threat, leaving the business vulnerable at a time when they need protection the most.

However, there are ways to identify and act upon potential threats, which are certainly worth bearing in mind if you feel like you could be doing more to safeguard your assets and online activity.


Phishing is still potentially one of the most common forms of cyber-attack that one can encounter today. It can take many incredulous manifestations and can cause vast amounts of damage.

Successfully spotting a phishing effort can be achieved easily when you know what to look for. For example, paying attention to an email’s grammar and spelling claiming to be from a reputable source can often give the game away. Large companies will have entire departments of the best copyeditors available, so a spelling mistake is a big red flag.

Furthermore, if a deal offered by a phantom email sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Phishing has developed substantially in recent years, however, so installing anti-phishing software and regularly checking to see if your email has been compromised is a good way to remain vigilant.


This is a technique that hackers implement to gain cryptocurrency through the use of the target’s computer. Going largely undetected, the eventual result is that your computer will slow down and decrease in processing power and performance.

A phishing process usually distributes the malware or through harmful links in your web browser, often masquerading as advertisements. To protect your processor and keep your resources to yourself, it might be worth your time to download an extension such as Privacy Badger or a VPN to help you browse in peace.


Developments in ransomware have gotten to the stage where successful breaches are more damaging than ever. Essentially freezing your computer until you have paid an arbitrary sum of money, ransomware can be tough to get rid of.

You may wish to consider hiring the superb security solutions available at Zeta Sky, as they can keep your network secure, offer regular maintenance and expert advice should you need it.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

This can a crippling attack for any business. By overwhelming a network and relinquishing a user of its control, in which the resulting takeover can lead to massive data loss.

To protect yourself, your private data, and your business against this type of malicious online threat, a regular security assessment can be invaluable. A deep test to specifically identify whether or not your infrastructure is sufficiently prepared for this possibility is a perfect place to start.

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