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June 21, 2022

Wine Preserver

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how many glasses of champagne are poured every day?

Well, we may never know the answer to that question, but we do know which countries are pouring the most bubbly: the UK, the United States, and France.

Since this is one of the best ways to come together and celebrate life, a wine preserver should be on every champagne lover’s list. It’s a great way to include these precious moments into our everyday existence.

In order to select the best system, we’ve outlined what to look for when purchasing a sparkling wine preserver.

1. The Charger

wine preservation system

The first thing you want to see in a wine preservation system is a proper charger. This is the component that will charge your open bottle with continuous CO2 gas.

This forms a protective layer to maintain that bubbly freshness you tasted when you first uncorked the bottle.

2. The Capsules

Next, you want to keep an eye out for CO2 capsules. It’s their job to preserve the bubbles and the flavor of your beloved champagne, Prosecco, or Cava.

These products, for example, feature a red/green pressure indicator as you insert the CO2 capsules into your bottle.

In the system, there’s a small latch cover that reveals door latches. When you squeeze the door latches in firmly, they reveal the capsule bay release.

Once the bay is open, you can insert the capsule and then firmly close the bay. You’ll hear an audible clicking sound. Then, you simply close the cover to secure the latches.

This action will puncture the CO2 capsule and generate a green indicator light until the capsule is fully charged. As long as you never open the access door unless it’s red, you’ll be sailing away into as many champagne dreams as you’d like.

3. The Stoppers

Wine stoppers

Ideally, you want to see a set of universal stoppers included in your wine preservation systems. They should be able to fit all sizes, including splits, standards, or magnums.

4. The Protective Sleeve

Any system worth it’s salt will include a bottle sleeve. When you consider how hard the CO2 has been working to maintain that fresh, bubbly taste, the last thing you want is to drop that bottle and watch it explode.

When manufacturers include a protective sleeve, they’re protecting you from projectile glass and a spray of other effects.

We All Need a Wine Preserver

If you’re going to make the investment into a decadent bottle of wine as you wind down after a busy day, you might as well preserve these precious fruits as long as you can.

A wine preserver will increase the longevity of every bottle you buy. Now, there’s no pressure to finish an entire bottle of Moet in one night. Instead, you can let a pressurized system carry over until the morning’s mimosas.

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