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August 24, 2022

Malcolm And Marie

The title Malcolm And Marie were distracting – the movie was released, and I had to watch it.

Even the photo on the Netflix preview entirely pulled me in, especially after finding out that the film was starring Zendaya as Marie and David John Washington as Malcolm.

I am always perpetually in love with the idea of being in love, so there was no stopping me when it came to watching this poignant piece of work.

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Another attention-grabbing thing about the film was how it was shot in black and white entirely – I think it’s because director Sam Levinson didn’t want the focus to shift from his two primary characters – the story is about Malcolm, Marie, and their love…and nothing else.

Keep reading to find out more about the lessons of love we learned from this poignant piece of modern cinema.

Lessons Of Love: What I Learnt From Malcolm And Marie

To cut a long story short, Malcolm and Marie unfold on the night a couple returns home from an Awards ceremony. The problem? Malcolm has made a film about an issue that Marie went through a few years ago.

Although Malcolm refuses to admit so, the entire film is about this one argument that the couple gets into – they go back and forth in time, fighting and making love, wondering what went wrong.

By the time the movie ended, I realized there were so many lessons on love learned from the movie. Scroll down to check them out!

Two Words Can Go A Long Way:

One of the vital lessons the film taught me is the sheer importance of appreciating and acknowledging the ones we claim to love.

If Malcolm had only managed to say those two magic words during the premiere of his movie, then the unfortunate argument would have never occurred.

At the least, it would have gotten delayed. All Marie kept asking about was a little gratitude and acknowledgment – when your partner forgets to appreciate your worth in the relationship, it builds up resentment and frustration. Both Malcolm and Marie seemed to be going through the same.

Two Words Can Go A Long Way

Nothing Productive Comes From Speaking Out Of Anger:

Even before Malcolm and Marie start arguing, it’s clear that Marie is already upset from before. She even explicitly mentioned,

I promise you it’s not a good idea. Let’s just talk tomorrow…nothing productive is going to be said tonight.

And I think Marie was correct in saying so.

Throughout the film, the two characters can say disrespectful and destructive things out of spite, trying to hurt each other.

Speaking Out Of Anger

When your emotions are running high, you can’t say anything productive because it is difficult to hear anyone over your pain – everything said out of anger are the product of judgment-blackout and misinterpretation.

The Common Cycle Of Toxic Relationships:

It doesn’t take very long to understand that the relationship patterns shared by Marie and Malcolm are unhealthy. The first big red flag that I noticed was gaslighting.

Marie had mentioned that she was in no mood to have a discussion about what was bothering her, but Malcolm didn’t let it go.

Toxic Relationships

He kept pushing it till Marie had to say what bothered her. Once she did so, Malcolm immediately wasted no time labeling her a delusional person. Another huge red flag that I noticed was how Malcolm didn’t shy away from bringing up Marie’s mental health issues, including her suicide attempt. Marie, on the other hand, wasn’t able to leave her relationship.

The “What-If” Factor:

Marie talks at length about this “what-if factor” in a relationship – this is the factor responsible for supporting relationship tensions while encouraging both partners to become ‘the best versions of themselves.’

The thought of ‘what if my partner leaves?’ should be enough motivation to work on yourself.

I think that the moment you start taking your partner for granted, things begin to falter. That’s precisely what Marie means when she says,


As a result of never doubting yourself, you never stop to ask yourself how can I be a better partner.

If you want to grow with your partner, you must understand there’s always some space for improvement.

It’s Not Until You’re About To Lose Someone That You Finally Pay Attention…Wrapping It Up!

Malcolm And Marie are one of those Netflix originals that makes you think back to the story from time to time, especially when things are not okay with your partner.

The issues that the characters talk about are so raw and honest that the two talented powerhouses manage to give me goosebumps.

What did you think about the film? Tell us in the comments section below!


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