J. Cole And Lil Yachty Released Their Collaborative Track “THE SECRET RECIPE”


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September 29, 2023

J. Cole And Lil Yachty Released Their Collaborative Track “THE SECRET RECIPE”

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    Fans of J.Cole and Lil Yachty were surprised as the artists dropped their collaborative track “The Secret Recipe.” The track was released along with an intimate music video featuring the rappers on 28th September. Lil Yachty dropped his album ‘Let’s Start Here’ at the beginning of the year.

    So the new single “The Secret Recipe” ft. J.Cole’s release shocked the fans as it’s the second release of the year.

    In the “The Secret Recipe” music video the Yachty is seen spitting his verse, “I don’t smoke weed, already blunt, all of my cars, I had to hunt/My doggy young as hell but still will step, we call him runt/Like window shoppers, I see through every front,” against the jazz-infused beat.

    In a previous interview with a popular magazine, Lil Yachty echoed this sentiment when asked about what role did psychedelics play in his recording process of the album ‘Let’s Start Here.’

    Yachty answered, “None. Zero. I can’t record music on drugs. I have to be fully sober.” He added further,  “But I’ve done it enough times to know what I want. I don’t have to be high to make it sound high.”

    J.Cole equally adds his masterful part on the track rapping, “Y’all chase irrelevance, it’s evidenced by the way you step/As for me, I cook so masterfully, ain’t gotta pay a chef.” Cole then declares his personal growth “I’m older now, but still, I’m cuttin’ edge, just like a bayonet.”

    He ended his verse by saying, “I started saying less/I had to stop it/Peeped how they profit off of racial stress/Some activists got so rich, they probably wished we stayed oppressed.”

    The song expresses J.Cole and Lil Yachty’s frustration about the rap game and its influence on the culture. The track has a psychedelic-jazz sonic background along with hard-hitting bars from the rappers.

    Play This Song: THE SECRET RECIPE.

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