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August 2, 2023

YouTube TV alternative

While the craze of using YouTube TV has not yet subsided, many people are searching for a YouTube TV alternative this year. If you are one of them, you have reached the right place!

There have been YouTube videos for a while. Other streaming options besides YouTube TV exist where you may watch live TV and sports without a cable subscription. You can choose another service provider from the list below, depending on your requirements and demands.

Keep reading this article until the end to learn more about the best YouTube TV alternatives you could find and why you might need them in the first place…

What Is YouTube TV?  

What Is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is the name of a live TV streaming service available in the US. From any location with an Internet connection, whether at home or on the go, you may virtually watch TV the same way you always have. It is an alternative to a cable or satellite service that you can access on phones, tablets, TVs, and web browsers and stream over the Internet.  

In the United States, just a few cities offered YouTube TV when it originally launched in 2017. Support for all 210 markets was provided in 2019 thanks to a large growth resulting in a metamorphosis.

Its selection of channels has also greatly grown over time. More than 110 channels are currently available on YouTube TV, including the four major national broadcasters ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. As with any streaming service, what is available where you live may differ slightly, so you’ll need to check your ZIP code.

Things You Can Watch On YouTube TV!  

Things You Can Watch On YouTube TV!

The simple answer is that there is a better-than-even chance that you will be able to use it to watch YouTube TV if you have a relatively contemporary phone, tablet, TV, or computer.

Mobile is simple; both iPhones and Android devices (as long as they can access Google’s apps) can use YouTube TV. That also applies to tablets.

YouTube TV has maintained its availability, while more smart televisions use their operating systems and apps. On TVs from LG, Sharp, Samsung, Hisense, Vizio, and Sony, native apps are accessible. (That also applies to anything using the Android TV operating system.)

Additionally, YouTube TV supports a wide range of streaming media players. The two most popular options in the world, Roku and Amazon Fire TV are compatible with it. Along with Google TV and other older Android devices like the NVIDIA Shield, YouTube TV is accessible via Chromecast. Also supported is Apple TV.

Why Would You Need YouTube TV Alternative?  

Why Would You Need YouTube TV Alternative?

The drama started when NBC threatened to pull stations from YouTube TV in September. Both parties decided to keep the NBC channels on the service at the last minute.

YouTube TV came under fire once more when Disney decided to terminate it and erase all channels from the YouTube TV library.

The prohibition lasted for one day. Google then swiftly brought back Disney channels.

As a customer, you don’t deserve this form of treatment. After all, you subscribed to the service because it promised to have 85+ channels. Due to the company’s repeated inability to reach a deal, your favorite channel may abruptly disappear from YouTube TV, leaving you with a foul taste.

In addition to this, the cost is another factor that frequently drives individuals to look for YouTube TV substitutes. You may have heard that a price increase for YouTube TV will start on April 18, 2023. After that, the monthly cost of YouTube TV will increase by $8 to $73 per month.

Best YouTube TV Alternative To Try In 2023!  

Best YouTube TV Alternative To Try In 2023!  

Now coming to the most important part of the topic, the thing that you were searching about, let’s head over to take a look at the best YouTube TV alternative that you can use

1. Sling TV  

Sling TV  

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With 2.41 million customers as of the end of September 2022, Sling TV ranked third among live-streaming services in the United States. It still comes the closest to letting you choose your own channels. Not that Sling is à la carte; it most definitely isn’t. However, its design allows you to select either the Orange or Blue track or both. As mentioned earlier, you still pay less overall than any of the services. You do, however, receive fewer channels.

With Sling “Extras,” you can strengthen your basics. These additional channels have additional monthly fees of around $5. That’s excellent because you may choose the topics that are important to you. But because of the way it’s set up, you have to pay for a lot of Extras if you want access to the entire lineup of channels, which makes it simple to wind up spending more than the $35 or $50 per month you had originally planned. And that’s before you consider overseas possibilities or premium movie channels. Just pay attention to your bill.

2. HULU  


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The following YouTube TV substitute I want to highlight is Hulu With Live. With 4 million paying subscribers as of July 2, 2022, Hulu With Live TV is the country’s most well-liked live TV streaming service. It has about 100 channels, with a few add-ons also available, similar to YouTube TV’s amount.

Additionally, Hulu + Live TV has a number of advantages over its competitors. First up is the Hulu on-demand library. You will get access to thousands of programs and movies as part of your subscription. Although technically, you could get Hulu With Live TV without having access to the on-demand library, and the savings would be small.

Being a part of Disney gives Hulu With Live TV a significant advantage. Thus, it is constantly discussed alongside the Disney Bundle. Disney+, ESPN+, and the standard Hulu on-demand service are all included in the $14 monthly Disney Bundle.

When Hulu With Live TV is added, the cost increases to $73 per month, just a few dollars more than Hulu+ Live TV alone. You are practically getting a third streaming provider for free at that point.

3. FuboTV  


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FuboTV is the biggest streaming service that you have probably heard of. There are only one-fourth as many subscribers as there are for Hulu With Live TV. However, it also offers a comparable selection of channels, including the broadcast affiliates in your region. The “Pro” plan is now the entry-level bundle.

There are 141 channels, 1,000 hours of cloud-based recording, and three devices that may all watch at the same time. The monthly fee of the Fubo subscription is $80 and includes 190 channels, unlimited device streaming, and 1,000 hours of cloud-based recording.

FuboTV is also one of the few services providing any live video at 4K resolution. We’re referring to Fox-produced sports, which are still glaringly inferior to what is available on YouTube TV. However, it is also free and a part of your subscription fee.

4. Philo  


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With more than 800,000 subscribers as of November 2020, Philo has long been the low-cost service of choice. Even though the monthly cost has increased from $20 to $25, the extra $5 is manageable.

The only snag in this situation is that it lacks all the channels that other businesses offer. There aren’t any of your local broadcast channels, either. However, that issue can be resolved with a simple over-the-air antenna arrangement. You can actually save some money here if the other channels in the list have what you require.

5. DirecTV Stream  

 DirecTV Stream 

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You’re not the only one who has trouble remembering all the names DirecTV Stream has used in recent years. (And for doing this, we are paid.) It is currently known as DirecTV Stream and has been separated from AT&T proper (though it is still a part of AT&T). Additionally, you should be aware that it has been losing clients over the past two years; the number is unknown but probably lower than that of Fubo TV.

However, AT&T consumers should give DirecTV Stream a close look because there are some excellent prices to be had, especially if you can combine it with an AT&T internet plan. However, that isn’t always an option, and then we have to start thinking about hardware costs. None of that is even close to as straightforward as a regular streaming service that allows you to come and go as you like.

Wrapping It Up!

I hope this article has been useful if you’re interested in learning about the top YouTube TV alternative. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions about this. Simply scroll down until you reach the bottom of the page. After that, post your thoughts and questions in the space below. And I’ll be there to provide you with all the answers!

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