In An Open Letter To All Businesses, And G20 Leaders Are Asked To Take Action At COP28  


Rookmini Tewari


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November 2, 2023

G20 Leaders Are Asked To Take Action At COP28

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    In an open letter to all G20 leaders, businesses including retailers and apparel brands like sports brand Decathlon, retailer online store eBay, and so on to take action at COP28. Here you will know how to cancel eBay orders.  

    This has been seen that last year, more than seven times, companies signed the letter, including retailers like H&M Group, apparel brands like H&M Group, and a large number of other organizations across the world.

    This year, the co-signers asked every leader to attend the COP28 meeting, which laid the groundwork for the transition towards a complete phase-out and halving emissions within just one decade.

    The letter said, “As energy purchasers and users in the global system, we have an important role to play in sending a clear signal about our future energy use, which is rapidly becoming cleaner through renewables. We are taking action and working toward phasing out our use of fossil fuels.”

    There further has been said, “That is why we are setting science-based targets, developing climate transition action plans, investing in net-zero solutions, and disclosing our progress. Climate action is good for business now and in the future.”

    The letter calls across the global leaders to make a systematic change, and many fashion brands are also taking part, which ensures businesses reduce the bad impacts on the globe. In the year 2022, there were more than 700 environmental patents released, and more than 190 were filed by many appealed companies. There has still been a significant increase since the year 2013 when there were just more than 260 environmental patents released, and several environmental companies filed more than 130.

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