How To Ensure Your Business Banners Are Environmentally Friendly


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July 14, 2021

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As people become more educated on the impact that human beings have on the planet, they demand better influence from their businesses. The business terms and the process are likely to be scrutinized by their customers about how environmentally friendly they are. And for some, this may even be a factor in which industry they choose to use. Therefore, environment-friendly business banners are more impactful on the consumers.

Not only this, but businesses have an excellent opportunity to set a good example and make a difference by being as environmentally friendly as they can in every aspect of their business.

How To Make Your Business Banners Environment Friendly?

How To Make Your Business Banners Environment Friendly?

Business banners are something that can often get overlooked. Still, being such large items, they can have a potential environmental impact. If they end up made of unrecyclable materials and going to landfill. This is particularly true for businesses who change their banners often in line with new marketing campaigns.

There are four things to consider if you want your business banners to be environmentally friendly.

1. Banner Material

1. Banner Material

Most business banners are made from plastic or PVC because they are durable materials that can be easily printed on and survive adverse weather conditions. And are being folded up and transported frequently. This is important, as anyone who has attended business events knows that sometimes they take place outside, and you can’t always guarantee a sunny day with balmy skies!

The problem with using plastic or PVC is that they are generally not recyclable. This means that thousands of enormous business banners can end up in landfills every time companies change their logo or decide on a new marketing campaign.

So, what do you do?

Soyang is an innovative producer of banners and business signage that has developed a range of banners that are entirely environmentally friendly.

2. Ink

Onto the ink. The ink? Indeed ink isn’t bad for the environment? Unfortunately, a lot of inks are pretty heavy on the environmental impact.

Be sure to choose business banner manufacturers who are working with environmentally friendly inks if you want to minimize your impact.

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3. REACH Compliance

REACH compliance is an EU directive that tests the safety of materials that are manufactured, ensuring that no hazardous substances or materials have been used.

Human beings are part of the environment, too, and as businesses, it’s important to ensure that your goods are not going to cause any harm to your end customer. In the traditional method of making a banner, the manufacturers are using many toxic substances to improve the quality of the banners. 

4. Transportation

4. Transportation

Transportations and the placement of the banner both have a significant impact on nature. When you plan to use your business banner, find a place away from the wildlife because most business banners materials are not entirely friendly to the wildlife.

Wildlife coastal areas and the forest are the main areas that keep the balance of the environment. So you always have to keep it in your mind and plan accordingly.


Business banners are an untouchable part of marketing and advertising. So you can not cut them off. Digital banners are another great option to save the environment without causing any loss to your business. This is a less costly solution.

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