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February 6, 2021

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My aspirations include traveling around the world. Being a seafoodie, it also includes trying out the freshly picked shellfishes, prawns, squids, lobsters, and other varieties at the best seafood restaurants offering such delicacies.

When you think about seafood, you must have a picture of a sea beach with a number of stalls in your mind. Well, there’s no doubt such a picture would pop up in anybody’s mind. However, if you are selectively looking for something special, something that might blast your mind, you are scrolling through the right article. 

About Seafood Restaurants

With the evolution of the gastronomic industry across the world, seafood has secured a prime position among food connoisseurs. Once you have broken the shackles of international traveling and ready to try new and innovative varieties of food, you have an entire ocean to dive right into.

The best seafood restaurants in the world consist of Michelin-star chefs. They are continuously trying to contribute to change the concept of food to a whole new level. This is where we seafood lovers come in. To satisfy our taste buds and to appreciate their efforts. 

Seafood items are very delicate. The chefs of these top-tier restaurants make sure they visit the market and handpick these items themselves. These items are of the best and freshest quality or often imported from other regions. 

From traditional bourgeoisie dishes to molecular gastronomy dishes, these are all prepared by expert chefs. These seafood restaurants have to maintain the highest quality of service in order to satisfy the finest class of customers that they receive.  

What Should You Look For While Choosing The Best Seafood Restaurant To Visit?

Traveling around the world is not so easy. And especially, when I decide to travel to visit some seafood restaurant, I make sure what I am craving. Different restaurants have different priorities of cuisine. The diversity might depend on the region the restaurant belongs to. 

Before you decide to travel, you can spend a little of your time doing some research about the best seafood restaurants. You will get an idea based on which you can then make your reservations. Some of the factors that you must consider while choosing are:

  • Menu Compilation
  • Price
  • Ambiance
  • Cuisine served
  • Customer Reviews
  • Michelin Guide ratings
  • Varieties of Seafood available

Choose Which To Visit Among The Top 10 Seafood Restaurants

Here is the list of the Top 5 Best Seafood Restaurants for you to visit in 2021: 

1. Sublimotion


This seafood restaurant is on the top of my list and is considered one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. It is located in Ibiza, Spain, and offers an underwater-themed ambiance. 

It only operates for a few months in the season of summer and is run by the two-star Michelin chef, Paco Roncero. It costs you around 2380$ for one but is bound to give you a whole new dining experience which you might never have experienced before. 

It is just a 12 cover restaurant attended by a huge team of service professionals. You will be presented with a twenty-course menu consisting of dishes prepared with exclusive technology and science. 

Along with your dining, you will also be able to experience laser light shows, projection mapping, and other virtual reality components. 

2. Sushi Sugita

Sushi Sugita

I would be wrong if I call it a restaurant. A sushi corner would sound more appropriate. Sushi, as you are familiar with, is considered to be a premium delicacy that inculcates varieties of seafood for the preparation. 

This seafood restaurant is located in Tokyo, Japan. Chef Sugita, the master of this place, is considered as one of the best even by world-renowned chefs. Its primary focus is to practice traditional methods rather than spending time and money on adapting expensive elements. 

It has a very clean and pure ambiance which perfectly captivates the essence of Edomae sushi. It is an experience to engage and have an opportunity to watch the chef craft the masterclass dishes in front of your eyes. 

3. Le Bernardin

Le Bernardin

Another top-notch seafood restaurant that bags three Michelin stars is Le Bernardin. It is located at the heart of Manhattan. This is a French seafood restaurant and is led by Chef Eric Ripert. It is considered to be one of the top seafood destinations in  New York City. 

Whether you want to experience the old world table service, the wine service, or the unending variety of seafood, this place will offer the best of it in the entire US. This seafood restaurant has been consistently maintaining its quality and service, as well as retaining its variety of unforgettable tastes, textures, and colors.

Signature dishes include the farmed Pacific bluefin tuna, kampachi sashimi with greek salad, and seared octopus withered wine mole sauce and tomatillo salsa. It is ranked among the Top 50 best restaurants in the world. 

4. Clamato


Clamato is another most exclusive seafood restaurant located in Paris, France. It is a very fashionable yet simple restaurant which is a sister branch of the Septime bistro but is just as good. 

The simplicity prevalent here does not give you a very private dining experience. Rather it allows you to eat alongside a very voguish crowd in a clustered manner. It has a warm and lovely ambiance. 

The dishes have been crafted under Chef Bertrand Grebaut, and the menu is compiled including whelks, sea urchins, bonito rillettes, and mullet ceviche. Its daily deliveries are imported from the French fishing ports. 

The restaurant offers a new menu every day, and the signature dishes include black mullet ceviche, butternut squash, cilantro, bonito tataki, Buddha’s hand, and tamarind condiment. You can also go for the raw cuttlefish from Oleron presented with chili and sesame. 

5. The Oysterman

The Oysterman

Just as I have a dream, Rob and Matt, friends and fellow seafood connoisseurs, converted their dreams into reality by opening up the Oysterman. This seafood restaurant has expanded ever since 2016 and is located at the Convent Gardens in London.  

As the name suggests, the primary offering of this restaurant is sweet meaty oysters. Its source of seafood is brought in from the British Isles, which offers some of the richest quality seafood in the world. 

It is one of the most talked-about seafood restaurants in the UK. You can try some of their signature dishes, which obviously includes those yummy daily fresh oysters, pan-fried Scottish cod, and tuna tartare. 


Would you even believe that my mouth kept watering the entire time I took to write this article? Recollecting all those precious moments spent in these restaurants, I am feeling a bit itchy to pack my bags and leaving for another seafood tour now.

If you are a seafood lover just like me, trust me, all it will take for you is some courage to break free. Plus a little of your savings too. It is only when you visit these best seafood restaurants that you understand how fresh and delectable a seafood item can feel.

What is stopping you? The world is your stage, and it’s your turn to explore!

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