If you are hosting a house party, then arranging for a few fun games is a must so as to entertain your guests. And if all of you are over 21, adults, and responsible, then arranging for a few drinking games is always fun. 

So if you have enough beer arranged for the party, then why not play beer Olympic games? There are tons of beer party games that you can play with all your friends. 

So if you are not aware of such beer Olympic games ideas, then here are fifteen beer Olympic games that you wanna try at your party. 


What Are Beer Olympic Games?

What Are Beer Olympic Games 
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If you have never heard of the beer Olympic games, then you should definitely scroll down the rest of the article to check out all the beer games that you might wanna play.

There are no such rules about when to play, but only how to play each of these games is important. These beer Olympic games are simply party games, yet certain communities and even countries play these beer games on a yearly basis. 

Before you start playing these games, you need to divide yourselves into different groups with equal numbers of participants in each team. These participants are to be retained throughout the end of the games.  

Types Of Beer Olympic Games

Types Of Beer Olympic Games

To know a few of the games that you wanna play for your beer Olympic games, you need to understand the rules of each of these games. Scroll down to learn the beer Olympic games down below. 

1. Beer Pong

Beer Pong

One of the most iconic beer Olympic games is beer pong, which can be played with an endless number of players. 

But you would need two teams of equal participants, taking two separate ping pong balls and a whole lot of beer. 

The rule of the game is to toss one ping pong on the beer cups of the other team. If you are able to toss the ball into the cup of the other team, then you win. The team who runs out of the cups first wins. 

2. Beer Bottle Ring Toss

Beer Bottle Ring Toss
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The way to play this game is to arrange two bottles at equal distances, with two players standing at a distance. 

The two players then would toss as many rings as they could on the beer bottles kept at a distance. The one with the most rings on the bottle wins the game. 

3. Beer Relay Race

Beer Relay Race
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The beer relay race game might not be a game for a house party, but if you have a big enough backyard, then it’s fine, as it is an outdoor beer Olympic games. 

This is basically a team race, where you have to pass down a cup of beer from one person to another without spilling it. Or it can also be a solo race till the finish line without spilling beer.  

4. Beer Chugging Contest

Beer Chugging Contest
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This beer-chugging game is one of the classics that can play at any house party. With any number of participants, you can play this game quite easily. 

The main point of the game is to chug or finish the beer as fast as the participants can. The person who can finish the ber first is the winner of the contest. 

5. Beer Drinking Trivia

Beer Drinking Trivia
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If you consider yourself and your friends to be intelligent, then you can easily play a few trivia games where you drink a cup of beer with every right answer. The drunker you all get, the funnier the trivia game becomes. 

These beer Olympic drinking games can be quite interesting, with trivia games based on film-based questions, music, or other interesting topics. 

6. Beer Twister

Beer Twister
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We all know the classic Twister game, where you contort your body on colored circles. But this time, each circle will have a beer bottle placed on each of the circles. 

So when you contort your body on the colored circles, you have to chug beer at the same time. It is a waiting time to see who falls first. 

7. Shotgun Relay

Shotgun Relay
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The shotgun relay drinking game is a fun game of consuming a whole can of beer. So by slashing the side of the beer, you can need to drink the whole beer at once. 

Now the person who drinks the beer first is the one who wins the contest. The game is quite simple, but the participants need to be able to drink the beer fast. 

8. Beer Stein Holding Contest

Beer Stein Holding Contest
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An intense beer Olympic game for a house party is played by holding one or two beer-filled beer steins in your hands for as long as possible by you. The participant who holds them for longer wins the contest. 

9. Beer Flip Cup Contest

Beer Flip Cup Contest
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Flip cup is one of the most iconic drinking games for beer Olympic. This game has been played for years by college students and even adults during house parties. 

The game is quite simple, a series of cups filled with beer, then two participants standing opposite each other will drink the beer first and then try to flip the cup upside down. 

Then it would go on till all the cups are upside down, and the person who completes the line of beer cups first wins the contest. 

10. Beer Barrel Roll Race

Beer Barrel Roll Race
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This is yet another outdoor beer Olympic games, where each team members need to roll down a beer barrel back and forth the track. Then the person who finishes the race first wins the game.

11. Beer Jenga

Beer Jenga
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Beer Jenga is a classic twist of the regular Jenga game. The game is quite simple, where you need to remove each block and put it on top of the Jenga tower without falling it. 

But the twist in Beer Jenga is that each of the blocks has a certain dare written that you need to do with each block you remove. This is one of the beer Olympic games, which is great for house parties.

12. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever
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More than being a beer Olympic game idea, the game Never Have I Ever is a drinking game. It is like an advanced or adult version of Truth or Dare. 

Where when someone says a task that they have done before, then if you have done that as well, you will take a sip of your drink. But if you haven’t, then you won’t have to drink.

13. Beer Card Games

Beer Card Games
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There are several card games that you can play as beer card games. The two things that you need to prepare are lots of beer and a deck of cards. 

  • S[read out the cards, then the one who picks out the Ace of Spades begins the game. 
  • Roll the dice, the number it falls on, for example, 4, and you will drink four cups of beer. 
  • Then finishing the drinks, the player takes out a card. For example, Ace of Spades means they can ask another player to drink. 
  • The play will then pass on to the player on the left, and so on. 

Wrapping Up!

Whenever you are playing beer Olympic games, you need to make sure all the participants are responsible adults. And whenever you are drinking beer, make sure to be hydrated as well, or alcohol poisoning is a big risk. 

Drink Responsibly and Have Fun!

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