What You Need To Know About YouTube Premium Student In 2023?


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June 16, 2023

YouTube Premium Student

YouTube Premium lets you watch YouTube videos without letting you watch the advertisements that come through it. Basically, with the help of YouTube Premium, you will get an ad-free YouTube experience. However, based on our location, the number of channels you like to watch, and more, YouTube has created plans for viewers. However, if you are a student, you can avail of the YouTube premium student discount to watch videos without ads.

In this article, you will learn about the YouTube student premium plan, where YouTube has created a readymade plan for students who cannot afford a full-fledged YouTube premium plan. This is to support those students who watch YouTube videos for studies and do not have access to good-quality teachers. Hence, to learn in detail about various YouTube premium student plans, read on through to the end of the article.

Getting YouTube Premium – Is It Worth It?  

Getting YouTube Premium – Is It Worth It?

There are a variety of ways through which you can subscribe to YouTube Premium. You can just type YouTube premium on Google and go to the desired link. On the other hand, you can also subscribe to YouTube Premium from your YouTube personal account. There is also another option to get YouTube Premium, and that is by downloading the YouTube Premium APK.

However, if you are frequent on YouTube, then you might already know that once in a while, YouTube prompts you to subscribe to premium. These mostly come at the end of annoying ads, which you cannot skip. YouTube is primarily making the statement that you will not need to watch ads and can go fully ad-free while you watch videos on YouTube.

Whether you watch YouTube frame by frame or you just generally scroll through content, you can do all that without encountering ads.

If you do not like ads while watching YouTube, then YouTube Premium is surely for you. Actually, no one likes to watch ads while they are concentrating on an important video. This is really true for students, who have to watch YouTube ads, while they are watching an important educational video.

What Do You Get With YouTube Premium?  

What Do You Get With YouTube Premium?

According to TechAdvisor.com, “The option to watch videos ad-free via YouTube Premium is an appealing one, as is the ability to download videos to watch offline. However, these perks will set you back $11.99/£11.99 each month for a subscription, which has always seemed a bit steep to us.”

There are a variety of advantages you will be able to benefit from once you subscribe to YouTube Premium. Some of them are discussed below:

1. You will get an ad-free YouTube experience. You can watch unlimited videos on YouTube without facing ads in between or even before or after. However, this holds until the end date of your subscription.

2. You can download an ample number of videos on your device (if it has enough space). You can watch them later when you are offline. You can save downloadable videos on your phone. This is true for playlists as well.

3. One of the best things that YouTube Premium lets you do is play your videos in the background, which is not possible with a free YouTube version. You can play the video in the background while using any other app on your phone.

According to the official website of YouTube, “Background play allows videos and music to keep playing in the background, even when you open other apps or turn the screen off on your mobile device.”

YouTube Premium Vs. YouTube TV   

YouTube Premium Vs. YouTube TV   

You must not confuse YouTube Premium with YouTube TV, as subscribing to YouTube TV will let you watch live sports and premium content. In this case, too, you have a variety of subscription options. On the other hand, YouTube Premium lets you watch YouTube content ad-free and listen to YouTube Music ad-free.

Here is an article about how to subscribe to YouTube TV and another article about how to cancel a YouTube TV subscription. To learn about YouTube TV student discounts, check the official YouTube TV website.

What Is The YouTube Premium Student Discount?  

What Is The YouTube Premium Student Discount

YouTube officials understand that there are many students who watch YouTube videos for educational purposes. Hence, they offer student discount YouTube premium for full-time higher education students. Hence, this is not applicable to students that get their education through correspondence, part-time, or distance education.

Therefore, if you are engaged full-time in any higher education, you can qualify for the YouTube Premium Student discount.

This amount is comparatively quite less as compared to the YouTube Premium price for others. TechAdvisor.com reports – “if you’re in full-time higher education, you should qualify for the YouTube Premium Student plan, which reduces the cost by nearly half to £6.99/$6.99 per month.”

YouTube Premium Student – Who Are Eligible?  

YouTube Premium Student – Who Are Eligible? 

Only those who are eligible to avail of YouTube premium student discount who are currently enrolled in higher education, and that too, full-time. Students associated with other forms of higher education, like distance courses, part-time, and others, are not applicable for availing discounts.

Once a student applies for a YouTube premium student discount, there is a verification process that the student needs to go through. The verification process is handled by a service called SheerID. As long as your college or university appears on the list within the form, you are good to go.

To confirm that you are a student engaged in full-time higher education, you will need to upload your student documents. This includes scans of your Student ID, enrolment letter with your educational institution, your email address related to your educational institute, and some others.

Summing Up  

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better idea of the YouTube premium student discount. You can see that the student discount is really a savior for students who gets YouTube premium content worth $11.99 for just $6.99. However, this is applicable only to those students that are engaged in full-time higher education only. Students engaged in any other form of education is not eligible to use YouTube Premium. Do you think YouTube Premium is really worth it? Share your thoughts and reviews with us in the comments section below.

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