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May 28, 2023

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encanto family tree

Are you searching for more information on the Encanto Family Tree? If your answer to this question is a YES, then you have reached the right place!

Who doesn’t love Disney? The exciting characters, the catchy songs, colorful backgrounds, and heartfelt storylines with beautiful animations. These Disney films are loved by everyone, both men and women alike, and it does help that the songs are just fabulous. 

Since the movie, Enchanto was released in November 2021, it created a new light for Disney movies. The movie was based around Mirabel Madrigal, a young girl and her whole family, who lived altogether in a tiny village in Colombia. 

The whole family was centered around the fact that Mirabel’s whole family was magical except for her. But Mirabel has to confront her true calling and go out of her way to save her family and her house from expecting disaster.

Encanto Family Tree

Every member of the Madrigal family is born with unique magical abilities that are similar to their personalities. But Mirabel was the only one who was deprived of these magical abilities.

Now let’s get to know each and every member of the Encanto family tree. 

Abuela Alma & Abuelo Pedro Madrigal

Abuela Alma & Abuelo Pedro Madrigal

The head of the family Madrigal, Abuela Alma, is shown as a widower after her husband Abuelo Pedro died when their kids were very young. They were forced to evacuate the village when it was invaded by armed marauders. Pedro was killed by them trying to protect his family. 

After Pedro’s death, Alma was left alone with their triplets, Juliets, Pepa, and Bruno. This was the moment when she was blessed with a candle with magical powers or Encanto gifts. It defeated the marauders and helped her build their home La Casa Madrigal, to protect her family. 

Pepa & Felix Madrigal

Pepa & Felix Madrigal

The eldest daughter of Alma and Pedro was Pepa Madrigal. She got married to Felix and had three kids together. Pepa has the magical power of affecting the weather with her mood changes. With this special magical power of hers, she is able to control the weather and changing seasons. 

Felix is the best match for her since he is a happy-go-lucky guy who is highly capable of controlling the mood swings of his wife. He knows how to not make her rain all the time and always have sunshine. 

Dolores, Antonio & Camilo

Dolores, Antonio & Camilo

Pepa & Felix have three beautiful children, namely, Dolores, Camilo and little Antonio. Antonio was the one who was very close to his cousin Mirabel. He learned from a young age that he could talk to animals. 

His older sister Dolores possessed the special skill of being highly informed about everyone’s business and secrets. She has been blessed with the special ability to have super hearing abilities

Then comes Camilio, Pepa’s oldest son, who has the special magical ability to shape-shift; he is very skilled in controlling his magical abilities. 

Julieta & Agustin Madrigal

Julieta & Agustin Madrigal

Alma’s other daughter is Julieta, who is the designated village doctor and has amazing magical skills of healing powers through the food that she cooks. She also has a strong maternal force and is a caretaker of the whole village. 

She is married to Augustin, a very ordinary man, but is very accident-prone, always happening something or another to him. So Julieta was the best companion for him; those two are the best parents that anyone could have. The two of them have three daughters. 

Isabela, Luisa & Mirabel

Isabela, Luisa & Mirabel

Isabel is the oldest daughter of Julieta, and she is seen as the perfect daughter since her special magical ability is to literally plant life. Everyone thoughts of her as a perfectionist of the family. But she hides are sadness by making beautiful plants and charms. 

Luisa was the middle child of Julieta, she was blessed with amazing strength and physical power. And she is also hiding a secret. She is able to hide her overwhelming emotions under her strength and stoic personality. 

Mirabel is the youngest daughter of Julieta, she is the only one in the family who is deprived of any magical powers, unlike her whole family. Mirabel is also the main character in the movie, showing how she is the one to keep the whole Madrigal family together. 

Bruno Madrigal

Bruno Madrigal

“We don’t talk about Bruno.” But he is one of the most important characters in the movie. He is the only son of Alma and the quintessential black sheep of the family. 

With the amazing yet dangerous magical powers of having visions of the future, he ran away from home to protect his family. The reason for his running away is to protect his family from his visions. 

Although he came back to stay inside the walls of Casita, her family’s home. This is where Mirabel found him to reunite with the family. Although Bruno has no family of his own, he is a loving uncle to all his nephews and nieces. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

Now that you know everything about the Encanto family tree, you shouldn’t have any more problems regarding the same. But if you have any other queries, then here are a few questions asked by others. 

Q1. How Old Is Mirabel In Encanto?

Ans: The main character, Mirabel Madrigal, is the only member of the Madrigal family who doesn’t have any magical powers. At the time of the movie, her age was about 15 years old.

Q2. What Gift Does Mirabel’s Dad Have?

Ans: Mirabel’s dad is an ordinary man without any magical powers or gifts. The magical powers belong to the members who are born into the Madrigal family. 
But Mirabel’s father and Dolores’s father were married into this family, which is why they don’t have any magical powers.

Q3. Will There Be An Encanto 2?

Ans: The sequel Encanto 2: A New Generation is the second part of the popular Disney movie Encanto, which was released in November 2021.

Wrapping Up!

The latest Disney movie Encanto was a breakthrough movie that showed the first Mexican character as the lead. Each of the Encanto characters in the Encanto family tree is different and possesses unique magical abilities. 

Now that you know everything about the family tree, then you can understand each of the characters pretty well and understand their personalities properly as well.

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