Yellowknife Residents Continuously Evacuating, Thousands Flee To Kelowna: A Wildfire Sparks On Friday


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August 19, 2023

Yellowknife Residents Continuously Evacuating

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    Wildfires have appeared in Yellowknife, where more than 20,000 residents are continuously evacuating. On Friday, more than 26 evacuation flights were scheduled for Yellowknife. Based on the information from Ottawa, this is contracting private planes for outsourcing military efforts.

    Dozens of patients have been relocated to hospitals over the past few days. At least 38 patients remain at The Stanton Territorial Hospital in Yellowknife. The Spokesperson at Northwest Territories of Health and Social Service Authority stated about the situation and further described it as “more complicated.” He also said that more medical support and care had been required.

    Mr. Keefe said in the afternoon this Friday, “The goal is to have the hospital patient evacuation completed in the next 24 hours.”

    Another authority of Northwest Territories Health and Social Services said this situation would be developed quickly. She even said “We had actually undertaken the initiation of a hospital evacuation plan that was going to be phased over numerous days. But with the pivot to a full evacuation order, we went to a single-phased request for a mass air medical evacuation.”

    Officials said that more than 19,000 people are being evacuated in the Northwest Territories and left Yellowknife. They even say that about 26,000 people remain in this capital, and 1000 are crucial workers among them.

    The Mayor of Yellowknife, Rebecca, conveyed that if any non-essential worker left, unfortunately, the city would go by air or highway on Friday. She even said that while smoke lifted today for a little while, the blaze will remain a threat at the city’s edge. The territory environment minister Shane Thompson says that people staying behind that part are endangering themselves and other localities too.

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